Swifty Goodness

I hate spending money on myself. It appears to be a trait both me and my husband share :-) There is no problem with the kids; classes, instruments, school uniforms, shoes…..not even an issue. But if it’s not 100% necessary (think that new oven in the kitchen!) then we have problems. A swift fell into this category for me, I have a ball winder and with my son we happily wound our yarn cakes. A swift would be nice (so I didn’t have to wait for him to come home from school) but definitely not necessary. Don’t ask me what made me break down (maybe it was the prettiness of this swift!) but last week I went and ordered a sunflower swift.

Now interestingly I haven’t actually wound any yarn yet, the same son who did all the winding for me before appears to have claimed it for his own and is now harassing me for more skeins to wind, I appear to have created a monster.

Now I just need a kick to go replace my computer.  The desktop I’ve got works just fine but it’s very slow and very prone to hanging so I seem to spend a lot of time for it to stop ‘not responding’.  Again it falls into the ‘not necessary’ category but it would make life easier.  (I did at least get a new backup drive…not that I’ve actually used it yet).

So I think I need to be a little less cheap with myself and allow myself great working tools…right?

At the moment I’m busy cooking up a little something with Hedgehog Fibres.  She is the most amazing hand dyer that works within 15 miles of me.  She produces truly amazing colours and if you haven’t tried them yet you should definitely indulge!  So keep an eye out for our special surprise….

8 thoughts on “Swifty Goodness

  1. How wonderful that your son is so interested in yarn LOL. I’d happily outsource all my winding. I’d run with it, as I’m sure he will get bored soon – probably as soon as you NEED some yarn winding.

  2. I got a winder and swift for my birthday a year ago. My dogs are absolutely fascinated by it. They just sit and stare.

    A word of warning though, don’t try to wind a kilometer of lace weight when hungover, it will do nothing for your stomach ;-)

  3. Life will be so much better with a swift.
    That being said if you were closer you’re son could definitely wind yarn for me. Not my favourite thing to do :)

  4. I have been longing to own one of these swifts for a few years now but can’t quite pluck up courage to spend the money when my husband is more than happy to help with winding yarn. I hope you get to have a turn soon.
    (P.S. tell your son that the pegs go the other way round!)

  5. I’m embarrassed to say that it was me that put them in the wrong way around first time…he set me right :-)

  6. That is the most beautiful swift! I love the design. I may have to dig out the pennies I’m saving for that “special” yarn and use it for a swift. I, too, have some yarn your son can wind (he can start a small business!), he sounds very talented.
    I have admired your style of sweaters, I have picked out a few for my “consider next” pile of patterns. It’s so nice to have a face to go with the patterns, like I know you. Maybe that will make my needles work faster. I plan to sign up for you sweater class on Craftsy, but I really like the round yoke sweater you did, and might do it before the Celtic Cables. Oops! I just talked myself into both. Thanks for your designs, they are so much like what is in my head, wish I could put them on paper!

  7. i used to be like you – then I discovered that making life easier was not a sin! I also discovered woolwinders and I now have Swift, too. Best money I ever spent. And I agree with Erin, it is a work of art.

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