More walk photos

I’ll have to re title this blog – pretties I see on my walks!  This is a photo we took at the top of our hill last night while walking.  I never seem to know what’s growing in fields but I’m reliably informed by my dad that this is a field if barley.  I’m astonished sometimes how well the little camera on the I-phone works for some photos.  Are you enjoying the Olympics?  I don’t remember enjoying them so much before but having one of the boys glued to the tv has really made it more fun to watch.  It’s also nice to have so much extra knitting time during the day that’s guilt free.  Somehow I feel guilty whenever I sit down knitting during the day, like I should be up and more busy!

My Craftsy Celtic Cables blog tour is now well under way – the latest stop on the tour was a podcast with The Pagan Knitter and the next stop will be with Anniken Allis.

Now that the Ravi KAL is drawing to a close many of the knitters are asking about the next KAL!  To get an idea of what people are interested in knitting next I’ve put a poll up on the Ravi group here.  I just love polls, the answers are rarely what you expect!  If you’d like to join a future KAL come over and let me know what you’d like to knit and when.

3 thoughts on “More walk photos

  1. Hi, I had to smile about feeling guilty sitting down to knit during the day. My solution is to knit standing up :)
    I’m glad to have discovered your patterns and classes.

  2. That is absolutely GORGEOUS! and taken on an i-phone no less. BTW, enjoying your short row class on Craftsy! Thanks!

  3. Great photo! Yes, these iPhones are pretty amazing with photos in a pinch. Still loving the Celtic Cables class, Carol. You are a gifted teacher.

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