Request for my readers!

Over the last few years I’ve seen a lot of knitters complete projects; some were thrilled with the results, others not so much.  Sometimes you can catch the problems while you are knitting and correct them but other times it can seem so overwhelming that you never, ever want to see the project again!  These are the projects that get hidden in the back of wardrobes, given as gifts or donated to charity.  While it is of course possible to rip and reknit the project not every knitter wants to do that.  Or maybe you don’t even know how to start correcting the problem?

If you’ve got one of those garments sitting around at home would you be willing to donate the garment to me for a super secret project?  I’d need a photo of the garment being worn by you (showing me the problem area) with just a few words telling me what went wrong with the garment.  Any construction type is fine, bottom up, top down, seamless or in pieces.

If you have a garment donation that fits the bill just leave a comment below and I’ll get in contact with you.

Bet you can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with all these garments!!

9 thoughts on “Request for my readers!

  1. I have a cardigan – knit in pieces and sewn together – that went so wrong that it pretty much put me off knitting completely for 7 or 8 years. If you would like the cardigan (and I may even have the pattern too in the archives) would be happy to donate it.

  2. I have a sweater that I knit, and the neck line did not turn out well at all. I would be to embarassed to wear it.

  3. Hi Carol,

    Yes, I have a sweater (Linney by Amy Christophers) that the sleeves are way too baggy and unflattering.


  4. I have a sweater that I attempted to make for my husband. The sleeves are huge, and the body is way too large and basically he swims in it. Would you take something like that?

  5. Oh, I have a sweater that I just can’t get rid of but will never wear. I seamed is so poorly (but permanently) that although the sweater is roomy the sleeves are so tight at the armpits it pulls and is super uncomfortable. It’s all yours if you can use it!

  6. My my my, sweaters do seem to be a problem, don’t they? I have one too. I diddled with the pattern to “improve” it, and it got worse – I don’t think it would have been right even if I hadn’t messed it up.

  7. My only sweater attempt is my Ravi. Tried it on several times and thought it was okay. I was wrong. It’s too small. And then there is the sleeve #2 disaster which currently needs to be pulled out. Thinking that adult sweaters are for me.

  8. For our first KAL we chose a Spring Tee with drop shoulders. I used Kramer Tatamy Tweed Worsted. The sweater weighs ” a ton” and the sleeves stick out and make my arms look like twigs. Tried wearing with a variety of shirts, nothing seems to work. Hope you can use it

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