Teaching some short rows

Last year I did a free online class with Craftsy on Short Rows.  As many of you know I love, love, love short rows and all the cool things you can do with them :-)  There are loads of different ways of creating short rows out there that all perform the same function, finding the most effective and easiest way to join the gap when you turn your work.  I like to deconstruct the short row so that knitters know exactly what they’re trying to do, no mystery!

By having the basics in an online class it means that now my ‘in-person’ class can be a little different.  With the video class as reference we can get through the mechanics fairly quickly to get to the fun part of short rows …. how do you use them?  This weekend I’m teaching two classes in Dublin at This Is Knit.  The first one will be on short rows – I’ve  heavily modified my sideway knit cardigan Taupo for the class to create a 6 month version that has the same construction but a pared down design.  This little cardigan is going to be a great way for knitters to get lots of practice with short rows and discover how useful they are.  After all it’s not much use learning a technique if you don’t know how to apply it!

I’ve only designed the 6 month size of this little bitty cardigan, Taupini for the class.  Perhaps one of these days I’ll make a full version of the pattern…


Taupini short row sleeve

3 thoughts on “Teaching some short rows

  1. Cute sweater for a wee one. I just finished your Craftsy class last month and my leftie shawl is being blocked and my Wedge socks are started. Thanks so much for introducing this technique to me and so many others.

  2. Your Craftsy class finally demystified short-rows for me. I would love to be able to take a more advanced one from you some day.

  3. I have to admit that your class on short rows was my first introduction to you. So glad I “discovered” you and your designs, Carol. I’m a nurse, so I don’t have much drive to design. Guess that’s why we have you. I love your designs and look forward to knitting many of them. You are very gifted.

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