Back home in Ireland

I’ve just returned from Denver after my second Craftsy recording. It’s so much fun heading over there for a few days, even if I do have killer jetlag afterwards :-) The lovely Amber and Jaime from Fancy Tiger Crafts took me out for dinner on Sunday night. This was very much appreciated as I was starting to get jittery before my first day of filming and it was really great to have a few hours talking with them.  So glad that they’ll be at TNNA in June, hopefully we’ll find some time for and ice-cream chat :-)

It’s much easier doing something like filming second time round.  You know what to expect and where you’ll run into problems.  I’m really looking forward to sharing this class with you, it’s very different from the last time and was an interesting topic to put together in a class format.  Here are a few photos from the class recording but I bet you won’t be able to guess the class subject from them!