Plucky knitting

I’ve just started some swatching with my Plucky Knitter ‘primo sport’.  It’s got a lovely hand, tightly spun with super crisp stitch definition and the yarn feels ‘dense’ when you pick it up like it’s got a lot of weight to it.

I love this stage of a project, seeing how the yarn works best for  you.  I’ve been playing a little with biasing (increase/decrease on one row) this year.  Vertex Cardigan in Interweave was the first result of this but I really want to take it a little further to try some biased ribbing.  There are a lot of variables to get right with this, what kind of increases/decreases work best and are the most unobtrusive.  Will I have the entire garment biased like Vertex or perhaps just a panel.  How can I take full advantage of the shaping effect of the bias, where would it look best?

The best place to answer all of these questions is in your swatch.  It can do so much more than tell you gauge – in fact sometimes when I’m trying to work out pattern issues my swatch can end up the size of a scarf!

So while I travel to Denver I’ll have some plucky biased rib in my bag to keep me company :-)

BTW I think this color is really a dark pink (magenta) but DH insists on calling it a purple!  So tell me readers, who’s right?

10 thoughts on “Plucky knitting

  1. The picture is definitely purple. That doesn’t mean the yarn is though – I always have trouble getting purple to look right.

  2. It looks pretty purple on my monitor. I hope you have safe travel to Denver, it is snowing like mad today and schools are closed.

  3. I’d be the last person to ever say the husband is right but in that picture it does look purple. Is it Lollipop Guild or En Vogue?

  4. I’d say violet but the plucky knitter pic looks way more pinky/mauve than the pic here (at least on my monitor).

  5. I would like to know how to get the pattern for the black vest on the lady with red hair?..Love the it in the book with the white shawl?…please let me to knit this…diana

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