Knit Notes

Last week this pretty arrived in the post…

(Disclaimer: This journal was sent to me for review purposes by the publisher)

It is called Knit Notes Journal and is designed for knitwear designers to keep details of their projects in.  I do think it would make a great journal for any knitters also who tend to make a lot of modifications to patterns, this would be a good place to keep all those details in one place.

As a designer I often find myself sketching and calculating on any available paper.  If that happens to be in the car I’ll grab envelopes and waste paper or anything I can find.  That works fine until I try to find those notes when I’m writing up the pattern!  I think that keeping this journal in my handbag might be a lifesaver.  There are pages for swatches/notes/charts:

Extra pages at the end if you need larger graph paper

And even some standard measurement charts for designing on the go.

My only problem is that the journal is so pretty that I’m almost afraid to actually begin writing in it!  Pattern writing has a tendency to be messy so it will very quickly have a ‘lived in’ look.

6 thoughts on “Knit Notes

  1. I usually use sheets of printer paper and then I can’t find them. This is a beautiful book. I would love to have something like this.

  2. I wish I had this yesterday when I decided to rip out a top that I am designing only to realize that I had forgotten how many stitches I had originally cast on! I had to go through the swatching and calculating all over again. Several lessons were learned. Among them, save the swatch and buy this book!

  3. It is beautifully designed and wantable.

    I’d want it in a binder that could open, or for it to come with a punch so that I could insert my scraps of paper and back-of-envelope drawings.

  4. I love mine -my only gripe is that you have to write very small to fit a whole pattern notes into one project page so I have to go over into the next one but love having measurements to hand etc

  5. This is a wonderful idea and the cover is enticing all on its own! I love the concept of it and would like to buy one myself. :)

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