Among Stones, individually!

Last month I ran a survey on ravelry to see what pattern you wanted released first from Among Stones. We had a very clear winner with Dacite, but Gabbro came a close second. I’ve gone ahead and released both patterns with a bonus; 25% off for one week if you use code ‘indivas’. To use the code, click ‘add to cart’ then in the shopping cart click ‘use a coupon code’ and enter code ‘indivas’.

I think Dacite is my go-to cardigan from the book. It’s easy to knit and easy to wear with a lot of different looks. In fact when I was showing it at TNNA people thought it was two different cardigans. The idea for this came from the child’s cardigan, Thirsty Rose. This is a simple top down raglan cardigan with a large crossover at the front. but Dacite is very much a grown-up version with waist shaping and a clean, I-cord finish.

You can wear it open with the fronts draped.


You can button the top and fold the front collar over on itself.


It’s even possible to cross the fronts and pin them lower down so you have larger fold over lapels.

Gabbro is a very different garment. Light and delicate, it’s knit from a fingering weight yarn and is well suited to spring or cool summer weather.


Also knit from the top down, you can see the delicate diamond lace detail at the neckline.


There is a single panel of lace down the body that opens out into unusual short row hem shaping.


Go knit yourself a new year top and spoil yourself!

6 thoughts on “Among Stones, individually!

  1. Hi Carol
    I just discovered your lessons on Craftsy and am so impressed. Your voice is lovely to listen to, and you make it all easy to do. I live in New Zealand – Auckland actually, where the weather never gets extremely cold, so for me, I like to wear vests or sleveless cardis. Do you ever design patterns for these. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  2. I like every design of you. I’m a student in your course “Celtic Cables”, and recently I purchased your book “Contemporary Irish Knits”.
    I like your explanations, they are very clear for me.
    I wish I had more time to knit, because I want to knit the “portulaca” cardigan, “siesta”, “killorglin”, “Liathite”… and many, many others…
    My best wishes for you from Spain.

  3. I so want to knit Liathite Jr for my son and would love to buy the pattern individually. Will this one be released sometime? I keep looking through all the patterns on ravelry for his next sweater and I keep coming backing to this one. I just don’t think I’d do the rest of the patterns.

  4. I’ll be releasing this as an individual pattern in the next few weeks so look out for it or join the newsletter so you’ll get the update!

  5. That is wonderful! I am on your list already. We are moving from South Dakota to Puerto Rico this summer, so I am just itching to get this sweater knit up for my son to wear for the rest of winter and spring before we hit 90 degrees!

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