Happy New Year..belated!

Well I’m a few days after the New Year but it’s taken me a little while to process my holiday and life in general. I’m having an amazingly good, restful holiday, lots of sleep, knitting and reading. One of my previous New Year’s resolutions was to begin reading more and I’m making my way through the third Game of Thrones books and loving them. It does require some plastic book holders though to keep the pages open while you knit :-)

Over the last year I’ve been longing to do some sewing, but just couldn’t bring myself to actually buy a machine (I hate buying things I’m not 110% sure I’ll use!). Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought a very basic machine from Lidl that should be just perfect to get me started. After I do a few little tests to see how it works the first big job I hope to tackle is some new curtains for 2 of the boys rooms. They’re not small kids any more but the teddy bear curtains are still hanging. I think this is the year they’ll have to go.

I can’t reveal full details of my year to come yet but it looks like it’s going to be a big one for me with some huge challenges. I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. (You know when you get that knot in your stomach but you can’t quite tell which it is?). I think I can manage them, but that’s assuming nothing unexpected happens. So fingers crossed that this year runs as smoothly as possible…here’s hoping!

So, I know this will not be a restful year but I feel hopeful that I’m up to the challenges ahead. I think next Christmas/New Year I’ll be in need of that long sleep filled holiday again!

Have you made any New Year Resolutions? Let me know what they are, I think it helps committing them to writing!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year..belated!

  1. My first sewing machine was £50 from Lidl. It did EVERYTHING I needed it to do,… Until it needed to do a buttonhole through 4 layers of boiled wool. It didn’t like that and died. However, it lasted 5 years and lots of sewing projects, including quilting!!

  2. I’ve given in to the sewing bug too. I bought a machine years ago, but now I’ve bought some quilting supplies, I really want to learn to quilt! I started with curtains too, every room of my house but one now has handmade curtains, some better than others :)

  3. Happy New Year! Yeah for getting a sewing machine! My first love is sewing but knitting is quickly reaching the same level…sadly you can’t do both at the same time! Hope your year has you coming back to Sarasota, would love to get to meet you in person and say thank you for all the beautiful patterns and things i’ve learned from your classes and workshops at craftsy. I do my resolutions closer to my birthday but one will definately complete more projects not just adding patterns to my library! Looking forward to hearing how things work out for you in 2014!

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