A few more from Among Stones

I know a few of you out there have been waiting for individual Among Stones patterns so we’ve been busy preparing them for individual purchase.

First up is Pyrite:


The second individual pattern is Liathite:


And finally we have Liathite Junior:

Liathite Junior

Happy knitting everyone :-)

4 thoughts on “A few more from Among Stones

  1. These are just lovely, Carol! Thanks for your beautiful, elegant designs.

  2. I love the book and am excited to knit more of the designs. Although I am really enjoying the ebook it would be great to have individual patterns as well. So much easier to print out and have with my knitting.

  3. Hello Carol, I just found your blog and look forward to being up-to-date on all the stolen stitches and designs and such. I bought one of your books recently and viewed just the other day your Short Rows tutorial on Craftsy… how utterly charming ! :)

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