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Last week I was visiting Washington DC and several yarn stores. I had such an amazing time and met so many people that I’m still processing it all!

yarn haul

My first stop was at Fibrespace, which is in the heart of Old Town. I haven’t been here in over 20 years, my husband went to college here and I visited once for a week when he was starting his final year in college. Danielle who is the store owner is a whirlwind of activity….while mothering her little girl. I love watching babies being fit in around life, its not easy to do but so very worthwhile. That’s one lucky little girl!

While I was there Dragonfly Fibers gave me some fantastic yarn, Pixie (color: Springtime in Washington), I also got to meet Tanis Gray, thanks for calling in to say hi Tanis! The store also had a huge collection of Neighbourhood Fiber Co. yarn so I picked up some ‘Capital Luxury Sport’ in colour Cooper Circle while I was there!

After a few days here I move a little outside DC to Maryland to visit The Yarn Stop. I met two of the three owners here, Victoria and Lee. Both who went out of their way to make me welcome. I was staying with one of their friend’s Debbie and her husband and their generosity was out of this world, so a big thank you to both of you :-)

As there was so many hand dyers in the area I felt it was my duty to sample as many as possible so I came home with Susquehanna Knitting Company ‘Susquehanna Sock’ in colour ‘spicy brown’ from there.

Before I came home Debbie brought me to two more stores, Second Story Knits (Cephalopod Traveller came home) and Looped Yarn Works (Quince Owl tweet, and Wandering Wool Ausable sock).

Here you can see a close up of the yarn and labels. Now just to get a chance to knit it. I was blown away by the number of yarn stores and hand dyers in the area. It makes a great yarnie destination if you get the chance to visit. They’re even having a yarn crawl next months that would be worth a visit…

yarn details

BTW anyone following me on twitter will see that I just signed a book contract with Potter Craft. I’ll give a few more details in my next blog post..but not too much, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!

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