Blog Post Winner

Thank you all for your support and response in my previous post. It really helps to know that you’ve got my back as I got through these teething pains :-)

The winner from the raffle is Sally, I’ve just sent an email to you letting you know!

In addition to this, believe it or not I’ve finished my purple cardigan. I shortened the sleeves and put in 1×1 ribbing for a snugger fit. I undid the I-cord edging around the front and worked I-cord buttonholes. It even got complimented by my mother this morning, so high praise indeed!

4 thoughts on “Blog Post Winner

  1. Hello – I bought your pattern for Talium socks and I just don’t understand the directions for the yarn over short row toes. Do you have a video that explains it? Thank you so much!

  2. Can we see pictures of the “new” purple cardigan? I have a couple of sweaters that need to be tweaked, and it gives me courage to know that even designers have do-overs!

  3. Definitely, I’ll get some photos over the weekend. I’ve worn it all week so it’s looking well worn in now :-)

  4. Hi,
    I currently don’t have a video for this method. Did you download the pdf that came with the pattern that does a photo tutorial?

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