I need your help!

Hi Everyone out there, this post is more relevant to non-euro countries but I need some help. Up to this point I’ve priced my patterns in dollars. A large bulk of my customers are in the US or Canada so it made sense to me to do it that way. However as accounting and finances are become more complex it would simplify my life greatly to price my patterns in euro.

Can you honestly tell me, would this stop you buying? Or maybe even make you hesitate? You can still purchase in exactly the same way and paypal would still charge you in your own currency.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’ll even throw in a $12 gift voucher for my patterns for one lucky commenter :-)

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you so much everyone, your support and encouragement means so much and makes all of these growing pains feel worth while :-)

106 thoughts on “I need your help!

  1. The currency makes no difference to me. As other commenters have said, if the price is in a currency other than Canadian dollars, the Canadian dollar equivalent is shown in brackets so I can easily see what it will cost me. I say if it makes things easier for you, go for it!

  2. I routinely buy both digital and physical products in a variety of currencies, so I am open to all options. And Ravelry takes the guesswork out of it by showing the conversion amount. Ultimately, it all comes down to whether or not I’d be willing to pay money in any form for a given product. Since I love your design aesthetic, I’d buy your patterns regardless of the currency type. =)

  3. not an issue. paypal does a proper conversion so it works out fine. i did buy a couple patterns to beat the 2015 price increase and look forward to more happy knitting! best to you and yours for the holidays and hope you enjoy a well-deserved prosperous new year.

  4. it doesn’t matter to me. PayPal shows me the Canadian dollars equivalent.
    Besides, your designs are too good to pass out!

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