I need your help!

Hi Everyone out there, this post is more relevant to non-euro countries but I need some help. Up to this point I’ve priced my patterns in dollars. A large bulk of my customers are in the US or Canada so it made sense to me to do it that way. However as accounting and finances are become more complex it would simplify my life greatly to price my patterns in euro.

Can you honestly tell me, would this stop you buying? Or maybe even make you hesitate? You can still purchase in exactly the same way and paypal would still charge you in your own currency.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’ll even throw in a $12 gift voucher for my patterns for one lucky commenter :-)

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you so much everyone, your support and encouragement means so much and makes all of these growing pains feel worth while :-)

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  1. Would buy and have bought patterns in any currency. Please make your life easier and use the functional currency of your country. It doesn’t matter to the buyers. But, as an accountant…yes, this must be a pain for you.

  2. I buy patterns in euro or dollars. It doesn’t make a difference to me. The only one I ever checked to see what the ‘real’ price was one in Japanese yen. And I still bought it.

  3. I would continue to buy your patterns if they are priced in Euros. I shop all over the world via Paypal, and it is no problem when it is in another currency.

  4. Any currency is fine with me, too. Make your life easier on the bookkeeping end so you can continue to create wonderful stuff for us to knit (IMHO).

  5. I have purchased many a pattern priced in currency other than mine… it’s the pattern I’m after and a silly little thing like “currency conversion” isn’t going to stop me!! Good luck with your decision!

  6. Euro or dollar does not matter to me when buying patterns on ravelry. (The conversion is shown, but it honestly doesn’t influence my purchasing decisions.) Especially when it is a trusted, tech-edited, well written pattern by you!

  7. It wouldn’t change anything for me. Paypal does all the work and I don’t even get a foreign currency charge fee on my credit card, so why would it matter? I say, do whatever is easiest for you.

  8. Our planet has gotten smaller with the internet and high speed travel… people are used to purchasing overseas items. Use your own currency, by all means!

    Your patterns are fabulous and so are your knit-a-longs!

  9. Nothing short of a chocolate famine would stop me from buying your wonderful patterns! It’s super easy to Google Euro to Dollar to find out what it’s going to cost. Do whatever makes your life easier. Cheers!

  10. It wouldn’t stop me at all, especially on Ravelry, where the dollar amount is shown under the price in other currency.

  11. By all means, do what is easiest for you and your business. :) It makes no difference to me whether the currency is dollars or euros.

  12. I am in agreement with all the comments so far. The world is much smaller. Paypal is an enabler that allows us to purchase in any currency with full knowledge of the conversion prior to purchase. And yes your designs are well worth purchasing. The patterns are well written and when necessary you provide excellent support and explanation. Simplify your life and your bottom line especially if it is so much easier for you, Don’t waste precious time converting to US $. Use your time for more important things like family and designing.

  13. euros = higher dollar conversion so it would be more expensive for US shoppers unless you adjusted the conversion so it would cost the same as it does now. Does this make any sense?

  14. Thank you for asking the question….but no it hasn’t stopped me from buying a pattern if in a different currency…so by all means if it means you can spend more time in creating instead of accounting go for it!

  15. Posting in euros doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve bought patterns from other countries before. If I like the pattern , I’m gonna buy it; the price is secondary.

  16. Recently discovered your wonderful patterns and will purchase them regardless of currency with paypal in place to do the work for me.

  17. I am in Canada and I still buy patterns in Euros, especially as there is still a conversion for US dollar patterns. It would not make a difference for me if you changed to Euro.

  18. As the other knitters have said, I would buy your patterns whether they were in euros or dollars! Make your life more simple!!

  19. As others have already commented, I will continue to purchase your patterns no matter the currency.

  20. I buy patterns in all different currencies! Please do whatever is easiest for you and good luck with the new tax system!

  21. Since Ravelry and Paypal easily handle the currency exchange, I wouldn’t even bat an eye at Euro pricing. I’ve bought multiple patterns from designers outside the US which were priced in currencies other than the USD. Good luck with the change!

  22. Not a problem as long as you are still going through something like PayPal. Thanks for asking.

  23. Same as many, I don’t care about the currency while it is payed through Paypal and make life easier for you ;)

  24. If I like a pattern, it doesn’t matter what the currency is. On ravelry, there’s usually an estimated cost, and if there isn’t, I use a currency converter to get the cost. I have ordered patterns in British pounds and also books without difficulty.

  25. If I like a pattern I buy it. Period. I don’t care what type of currency the price is in unless it is hundreds of anything: then I check first (yen, I’m looking at you!).

  26. Hi Carol,
    I live in Tasmania, Australia and purchased your pattern Ravi Junior found on the Ravelry Site…..I thought the price very reasonable and was very happy to get the PDF.

    I am unable to purchase Millamia in Australia but am able purchase online from UK. But before doing so I just needed to check with you whether I am looking at the correct yarn ‘Millamia Naturally Soft Merino’ as on Deremores and Loveknitting sites it is advertised as 4ply with a recommended needle size of 3.25mm and a gauge of 25stx34rows/4″ as opposed to the 4mm needle size and 21st x 40rows/4″ you recommend in pattern. While I can purchase many yarns here I really like both the colour and the stitch definition in the photo of this cardigan and am seriously considering sending for the yarn from UK. But before sending would appreciate confirmation that this is the weight yarn used in the photo as 4mm needle seems large for a 4ply or 5ply(sports) and 21st/4″ as opposed to 25st/4″ seems a big difference and yet the cardigan does not look open and loose as one would expect on such a larger needle

    Hope this is not too confusing but would appreciate your reply
    Kind regards

  27. I am outside of Euro-zone and live in a little country about which, I think, much of Americans do not even know, where it is, but if I want to buy a pattern, the price appears automatically in my own currency, too. I do not think the giving of the price in Euro will influence anyone in buying or not buying a pattern. The decisive question is, does the pattern meet my present need, and do i like it.

  28. Hi Janene,
    That is the correct yarn. The gauge difference is on both sides, I’m knitting it a little loosely but it’s in garter stitch so it ‘plumps up’ and I think the gauge give for it would be a fairly tight gauge. I’m not sure I’d achieve their recommended gauge very easily but I knit on the loose side!

  29. I’m a bit late, but just want to ditto what everyone else has said. It matters not what currency you use. I’ll buy your patterns with joy. You are the knitting goddess who finally made short rows make sense to me, so the least I can do is buy your patterns, no matter what currency they’re listed in.

  30. It won’t matter to much to me, I would continue to buy the pattern and before I hit submit order, paypal tells the the exchange rate..

  31. I have enjoy knitting the few patterns I have finished and have several more in the basket for 2015. Like all the others who came before me on this thread, I love your patterns. The designs are well conceived and the pattern well written. We all want you to continue to create such beauties because we will buy them in dollars or euros. Just please keep creating the wonders you do while you are doing all this stretching and nurturing your family.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the States.

  32. The currency won’t make any difference to me. Ravelry converts right on the screen, and paypal does the actual work, so don’t even worry about it.

  33. I live in Canada and I have made several purchases in Euros already.
    It would not bother me at all to purchase in Euros.
    Go girl!

  34. I just bought a pattern on Ravelry in GBP. Ravelry and Paypal make it so easy that there is no difference between my currency and any others. Really don’t sweat this small thing. All little speed bumps on the path to better knitting and distribution for you, but on this end really nothing different.

    Good luck!

  35. Hi
    Please make your life easy for yourself. When I look at a pattern on Ravelry, I see the price in my own currency as well, Danish Kroner. Think It comes from the setting in my profile. And by the end of the day, PayPal always operates in my own currency when it reaches my account. So go ahead.
    BR Gitte

  36. As long as the patterns stay close to avg us pattern pricing ( what you sell for now) and the exchange rate stays favorable then yes I will continue to purchase. Also I choose not to have a paypal account so If the rules change to where it requires an account based on your selling location, I will then not be purchasing.

  37. I’m in the US. I might hesitate only because I bought a pattern in Euros once and there was a currency exchange add on that made a cost effective pattern no longer cost effective. I’ve also purchased a pattern in Euros and didn’t have the issue, so I’m not sure why I was charged the one time.

  38. Hi, for me there is no difference if I like the pattern I will buy it. So if it is helping your accounting,sell them in euro. The most important is your creativity.

  39. Hi Carol
    Thank you so much for your prompt and informative reply…….answered all my concerns..I really appreciate…….
    While I can purchase many yarns here in Australia I will go ahead and order the Millamia yarn as it looks so good knitted up in the Ravi Jnr in image.
    Warm wishes, Janene

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