New Craftsy Class Giveaway!

I’ve been dropping hints about my new craftsy class for few weeks now and it’s getting very close to launch! I’m doing a giveaway for this new class, Essential Short Row Techniques, just enter the raffle on the Craftsy form here. The class will be launched in early March and I’ll post a link for you all once it’s live :-)

Essential Short Row TechniquesThis giveaway will be open until Sunday 1st March and the winner will be drawn on Monday the 2nd.

A few years ago I did a free mini-class with Craftsy on Short Rows. This class is the starting point for the new class. I covered short row basics in that class but it was information only (no interaction from me). Students still had a lot of questions on short rows. What do you do with short rows in reverse stockinette? What about ribbing or in the round or even with a lace pattern? My new class will look at all of these situations so you’ll be able to work short rows with all sorts of patterns. There is a lesson on German short rows, one of my new favorites! I’ll show you how to create slopes on either the right or left side of a fabric and how to change the slope with short rows. I’ll show you how to work a hat from side-to-side with short rows and how to work 2 different types of short row heel/toe.

This class will take you from basic short rows in stockinette stitch to being about to use short rows in almost any knitting situation! As you can probably tell I’m very, very immersed in Short Rows this year between this new Craftsy class and my Short Row Knits book. Actually the two go very nicely together as you can see the techniques in action on Craftsy and then use the book patterns to practice them with.

6 thoughts on “New Craftsy Class Giveaway!

  1. I’m very excited. The first craftsy course I ever took was your short row course. Around 75 classes later I’m hooked. I have all your classes. Your classes are my favourite. Thanks so much.

  2. My first class in Craftsy was your Short Rows class, and now I have all your classes, and your books and I adore them!. Now I’m waiting for your new class and your new book!!!

  3. I love all of your cases on Craftsy, in fact I just love the idea of being able to be taught so visually in lots of things that I haven’t been able to pick from the description alone.

  4. I too got hooked on craftsy by your short row class …which lead me to Celtic cables class…and then..I well as they say fell down the rabbit hole and am addicted.

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