Essential Short Row Techniques

Essential Short Row Techniques

Some of you very observant people may have spotted that my new Craftsy class, Essential Short Row Techniques, is now live! (This link will give you $5 off the class).

Essential Short Row Techniques

Now as the name hints, this is a technique class. It works through different situations that you will use short rows in and how you can make them your own.

There is a huge lack of information out there about working short rows in anything but stockinette stitch. What happens in reverse stockinette, garter, ribbing or in the round? What about if you’ve got a cable or lace pattern?

I hope to give enough information in this class that you’ll feel comfortable substituting different types of short rows in a pattern, changing the slope created by short rows and maybe even use short rows in your own design!


Once you’ve mastered Short Rows you’ll want to use them in everything!

Here are a few of my favourite patterns that use short rows. Until March 15th there will be 25% off all of them with code “SHORTROWS“. Just ‘add to cart’ and when you’ve got the cart open click ‘use a coupon code’ to add the code.

Finally, I frequently get questions about the knitted pieces shown in my classes so here is a rundown of everything you’ll see:

Lesson 1: Basanite Hat (in Among Stones, digital only), Sandy Cove, Taupo, Ravi.

Lesson 2: Striped shawl (Tempisque) from new book, Carpino.

Lesson 3: Cabled Cowl sweater from new book (Orosi).

Lesson 4: Capall Dubh, new cardigan from book (Toro).

Lesson 5: Gilligan, Orosi (from new book), Penrose Tile.

Lesson 6: Sandy Cove

Lesson 7: Ravi, Maenad, Dunderry, Taupo.

Lesson 8: Basanite Hat (in Among Stones, digital only), Talium socks, socks from the new book (Arenal), Maenad.

7 thoughts on “Essential Short Row Techniques

  1. Oh! I’m too impatient, I’ve already signed up for your class… , but it’s doesn’t matter because the class is 50% off today!
    I’m going to purchase the Penrose Tile pattern with the discount.
    Congratulation for your class.

  2. the new patterns look amazing–especially Capall Dubh! Can’t wait to take the class–signed up this morning!

  3. Thanks for the great offer Carol. I’ve just purchased the class and I think I will get your Capall Dubh pattern. Have been following the KAL and am loving what I see in the finished objects photos. I’m looking forward to the book.

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