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It would appear that I’ve fallen down the Dragonfly Fibers rabbit hole :-) Not a bad place to be actually! Last month the Ribbon Tool Shawl which used their yarn, Pixie, was released in the spring Interweave Knits. It’s a great shawl to learn German short rows in garter with and they’re running a KAL in their ravelry group. In fact anyone who finished before the 14th of April gets a 10% yarn discount coupon. So if you’re working on this shawl make sure you join into their KAL (actually you’d have enough time even if you started now).

Ribbon Tool Shawl

Following on from this design Dragonfly Fibers wanted to know if I’d like to do a design for their stand at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. They’ve got some wonderful gradient kits (take a peek here) so I thought a cardigan that begins with a gradient would look wonderful. dragonfly gradient

They’ve put together a gradient for me that runs from yellow right through to their Rodeo red. I’ve wanted to use a gradient set for so long that I’m really excited about this. If anyone is interested I can post little update on my progress as I’m working. I don’t often get to do that but designing can be an isolating job and it’s be kind of nice to have you all along for the journey!

7 thoughts on “Dragonfly Fibers

  1. Please post your design progress on your gradient cardigan….I can’t be the only knitter who is fascinated by this concept! Looking forward to seeing this design emerge from your needles.

  2. yes, please! Posting pics-in-process would be fabulous! I really love the color spectrum of this kit–basically, I think I like all yarn spectrums–but the yellows and reds just seem particularly vibrant in your photo.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll keep you posted as I progress. So far loving knitting the yarn and I think having each skein a different shade makes you knit faster to get to the next one!

  4. i would LOVE to see this happen. Dragonfly yarns are so yummy and the colors are just fabulous. Please post updates.

  5. Yes, please. The colours are wonderful, and it would be very interesting and fascinating!!

  6. I’m lucky enough to live 15 minutes from where Dragonfly works their magic. Such beautiful yarn. It’s like you’ve stepped into heaven walking into their shop past their dye pots full of liquid rainbows!

    Also a fan of your work. Can’t wait to see how this progresses.

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