Gradient cardigan progress 1

I wanted to knit a cardigan with the gradient yarn but the key for me was using the gradient somewhere that was not going to be a critical spot when the gradient ran out. I don’t want it to look right for one size but then dramatically different for all the other sizes! Plus I want to completely use up the gradient, with the other yarn only being used when it was finished.

Now I think that a gradient is going to work best with a stitch pattern that flows and weaves. I’ve seen it used a few times with feather and fan lace stitch which works great but I wanted to try something different. I’ve been experimenting with a zigazag stitch pattern that I think I’ll use. It creates a great texture but it’s very fast to work.

IMG_3472I’m going to start the sweater at the center of the back and go out each side, that way hopefully it’ll look like the gradient is growing out in both directions. Here you can see that I’m almost finished with one 1/2 of the first gradient (it’s halved so that it’ll be equal on each side of the back) and I’m getting ready to wind the next skein.


4 thoughts on “Gradient cardigan progress 1

  1. I’m really liking your cardigan–will you be sharing the pattern with us later – hoping!. Thanks.

  2. I so love this sweater. Will this be a knit along, or just a pattern we can purchase? You do such great designs I wish that I had some of your talent. Thank you for sharing the work in progress. It is going to be a great sweater.


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