Short rows & KALs

So September is turning out to be a super busy month! On the 1st of September I launched my Mithral KAL in partnership with Fyberspates. Tons of wonderful LYS have signed on and the buzz is just fantastic! If a store is near you go ahead and check them out. You can also purchase the pattern directly from me as always. Until the end of September the KAL will come with the Mithral Hat. This uses the same yarn as the sweater and the same lace pattern so you create a useable swatch!!
Come join us on ravelry here, lot of introductions going on.

First clue is released on October 1st so get your yarn ready to swatch!

If you’ve been following my instagram and twitter feed you may be noticing a few sneaky looks at my upcoming Short Row Knits Book – it’s being ofered for an amazingly low price on Amazon right now and it’s sitting at number 1 in knitting books :-)

Short Row Knits

To watch patterns as they’re added daily you can check the ravelry page out for the book here. The book will officially be released in the US on the 15th of September. The European release date is a little later but to celebrate we’re going to have a rockin’ book launch at This Is Knit in Dublin on the 17th of October. Come book your spot :-)

11 thoughts on “Short rows & KALs

  1. My copy of Short Row Knits arrived today! Can’t wait to start one of the projects but which one to do first? All are beautiful, but I especially love Tamarindo, Jimenez, and Estella. I am a big fan of your designs and have a good collection of your patterns. Now to find the time to knit them all… I too must steal my stiches whenever I can.

  2. there was a note on my post saying it would not or could not, be posted so I asked for an explanation why. Thank you.

  3. I am sorry if my simple question of how far apart to space short rows to lengthen the lower back of a top down sweater was that difficult to answer, I will not pursue this any further. Thank you any way.

  4. I did reply – I’ll copy and paste again here for you if you like :-)
    If you want to add 2 extra inches at the back you can definitely add it as you work. You want about 12 extra rows in total so 6 ‘turns’ on each side. As you don’t want it to be viislbe I’d suggest adding it as 2 or 4 row short rows worked every few inches as you work down the body so that it doesn’t become such a defined dip at the back. With that you’d work them almost to the side seams

  5. Thank you very much for your reply, Carol. Apparently some thing went wrong in this system as I did not receive your first reply. I am very grateful to have it now. My sweater is now 3 inches beyond the underarm join so I will proceed with your instructions. I do have one more question- in your reply, you say,
    ‘ I suggest adding it as 2 or 4 row short rows ….. Did you mean ‘2 or 4 row’ short rows (or) “2 or 4 short rows” ? Short rows are a new thing in my knitting experience so I need extra help understanding the procedure. I am looking forward to reading through your new book and also choosing one of the patterns in the near future. My best regards to you, Gail Parker

  6. Yes I meant 2 or 4 short row together at a time. So you can add 4 short rows maybe just about the waist, then another 4 a few inches down and the final ones at the bottom.

  7. Carol, thank you again for your reply. I finally understand how to space the short rows in my sweater back.
    I very much appreciate your help and now I can get on with knitting it. I received the email copy today of your reply today also, so I think the mix up is all cleared up. Thanks’ again, Gail

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