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Well everyone the time has come, Short Row Knits has been officially released!
short row knits

I’ve been working on this book for nearly 2 years so it’s just wonderful to see it well received. In fact, the book is being printed 24 hours after it was launched :-)
If you’d like to see more about the individual projects you can check the patterns out on ravelry. There’s also lots of discussion about the book on my ravelry forum, with some requests for a Short Row Knits KAL!

If you want to learn more about the book and the patterns in the book then please following along on our blog tour that will begin tomorrow. Each stop on the tour will have a different aspect of the book covered with lots of giveaways and prizes along the way!

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3 thoughts on “Short Row Knits Blog Tour

  1. Dear Carol,
    I have just received your Short Row Knits book. Can’t wait to delve into it. It is beautiful. I have my eye on two of the designs; Riyito and Jimenez. I participated in the Capall Dubh KAL last year and am very pleased with my sweater (used Jo Sharp DK Silk Road). I have never used short rows in an ‘organised ‘ manner before; just inserting them when I thought I needed them (my adult daughter has some CP and short rows make her sweaters fit better). Short row or not, your designs are lovely and very well written. I have followed my share of confusing patterns. Keep up the designing and God bless you and your energy with your 4 sons.
    All the best,

  2. Dear Carol, your new book just arrived. I am very pleased with it. I am knitting a top down cardigan in worsted wool and I have knit down below the sleeves. A friend has suggested that I put in some shot rows to lengthen the back which always turns out to be two and one-half inches shorter then the front. It is too late at this point to place short rows in the upper back, but I understand from page 91, that I can add them to the lower back but I am unsure of how far apart I should space the short rows. My row gage is 6 rows = 1 inch. I will be delighted if you can help me with this problem. Short rows are a fairly new thing to me and your lovely new book is going to be a great help to me while I learn how to use them.
    Thank you! and my best regards to you and your wonderful photographer husband, Gail Parker

  3. If you want to add 2 extra inches at the back you can definitely add it as you work. You want about 12 extra rows in total so 6 ‘turns’ on each side. As you don’t want it to be viislbe I’d suggest adding it as 2 or 4 row short rows worked every few inches as you work down the body so that it doesn’t become such a defined dip at the back. With that you’d work them almost to the side seams.

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