Work & puppy love

Anyone who has been following my instagram feed is probably fairly aware by now that I’ve got a new puppy. Because when your youngest is 9 and definitely no longer a baby you need a little crazy in the house :-)
She’s only been with us a few weeks but the joy Lizzie has brought to our house is immeasurable. Every child lights up when they see her and if she comes to collect them from school it might as well be Santa! Even the old man in the house is enjoying his new companion.
kenny& puppy

I’ve now got a constant companion; she sits at my feet when I cook or knit….
sits under my elbow when I’m on the couch in the evening or licks my ear….

She’s even been helping out with homework…

As you can probably guess I’m pretty smitten, a big thank you to DAWG who does such an amazing job fostering dogs and puppies and making sure the world knows how special they all are. And also to West Cork Animals where our first dog came from. Please if you are looking for a new dog go to your local dog rescue, there are so many wonderful little animals that need your love and care.


3 thoughts on “Work & puppy love

  1. I am just in love with your Lizzie!!
    She is so beautiful….love how she helps out with homework (haha) and Carol, that is the most beautiful photo of you where she’s licking your ear :-)
    Dogs are so special!
    thanks for sharing this special post,

  2. adorable! We have been thinking of adding a pup to our brood (our elderly chihuahua passed away this past summer) and this little guy reminds me just how sweet and fun those younger years can be :)

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