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Last weekend I traveled to Dublin for my Short Row Knits book launch with This Is Knit. It was such an enjoyable day; there was so much love and support from friends and customers I cannot thank you all enough! This Is Knit did a lovely blog post about the event here. I never get photos when I’m doing events, I think I’ll have to find myself a full time photographer to bring along with me :-)

The Short Row Knits blog tour is still running along, with some lovely reviews and great giveaways. Yesterday there was a review from Ann Kingstone and you can find upcoming (or past) stops here.

Next week I’m going to have a new pattern coming out, BUT I’m having a hard time coming up with a name. It’s a cosy, heavily cabled cardigan that uses Imperial Ranch Columbia Yarn. The yarn is rustic but soft, with a subtle colour that can be worn with everything.
I think the name should be rustic and a bit American west – the closest I could come up with was ‘Hickory Chips’.
Do you have any ideas? I’m offering a free pattern if you can find a I name I use!

22 thoughts on “Blog tours and coming patterns

  1. Love this sweater coat. When I think of the American west, I think of Yellowstone , Cowboys, Rodeo, Etc.
    The cables almost look like deer or elk horns
    So maybe Elkhorn for a name?

  2. Oh I Love this pattern, especially with Old West denim! Here are a couple name ideas:
    The Rustler
    Corral Cardie

  3. The cable crossings remind me of overlapping tree branches or roots, so going with the western theme, I thought of Lonesome Pine or Driftwood or Tumbleweed.

  4. Love the sweater and a few of the names suggested so far!

    If you’re going Old West, maybe, “Trail Ride”
    If there is more latitude, the cables really do look like a forest or vines (especially on the back): so, something like “Into the Woods”? or “Vintner”

    But there is also the old campfire fried dough, sometimes called a “Cruller,” which is all twisted back on itself . . . happy hunting!

  5. I like “Staghorn Crossing”. The way the cables are crossing remind me of a stag’s horn.

  6. Congratulations on a stunning design! The strong winding cable pattern is so striking and unusual – it’ll be a must-knit for me.

    To pick up on the rope and ranch themes, how about “The Wrangler”?

    Or from my favourite classic TV western, “High Chaparral”?

  7. Lots of awesome town names in Colorado. Montrose or Telluride or Manitou. Or bison or bronco

  8. I thought about the Royal Gorge, a very deep river canyon that those big cables reminded me of in Colorado. It can have some of the craziest whitewater at the bottom. Last time I did that section only 2 of 10 rafts made it thru without capsizing and I was on one of them. Our guide was awesome!

  9. Since Imperial Ranch is in Oregon, how about Oregon Trail? There is also a tree native to the west–Monterey Cypress.

  10. Imperial yarn is in Oregon and your backdrop looks like Oregon to me and I’m was born and raised on the coast of Oregon so what came to mind for me is

    Oregon Winter

    It’s beautiful !!!!


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