Irish Yarn Club 2016 is go!

Irish Yarn club 2016

This is the third year that I’m running the Irish Yarn Club with This Is Knit and I’ve never been this excited about it! The Irish Yarn Club this year has got a few really, really exciting developments. Up to this point all yarn has been hand dyed in Ireland but the yarn was all milled elsewhere. For the first time we’re going to have a yarn milled in Donegal by Donegal Yarns and hand dyed by Dublin Dye Company. I’ve had a peek at the yarn and it’s just glorious :-)

But that’s just for starters….Hedgehog Fibres has been producing some out-of-this world colours over the last year. When I went to visit her studio last month I was just blown away with what they’re doing. I think you’ll like her yarn club offering this year!

I want to keep the final yarn from Townhouse Yarns a surprise…it’s a type of yarn dyeing that I’ve fallen totally in love with over the last year and will be so much fun to knit with. I’m not going to give any more away though!

As you can problem tell I’m extraordinarily excited about the club yarns this year, watching them transform into finished knits is going to be even more exciting. Please join me on the adventure.

So are you in? Don’t miss the chance to grab a spot in the club:

Full club membership (yarn & patterns) here.
Pattern only membership here.

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  1. I like, as an idea for the name of heavily cabled coat, a Gaelic term O m’anim which means ‘from my heart. ( Pronounced oh Muh aneem.)

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