Summer KAL here we come!

Have you spotted my new KAL – Santa Rosa Plum?

We’re just getting started with yarn choices and sizing on the ravelry board here.  So some on and join us so you can have a great summer cardigan :-)

Tina from Blue Moon Fiber Arts had been planning to do some gradients colours for a while and as you all know I’m a little gradient obsessed. We schemed for a while and came up with this yarn and colour combination (Marine Silk Sport in Plum Crazy) for a perfect summer cardigan, Santa Rosa Plum. My challenge now was to do justice to the yarn and create a cardigan that would be perfect summer evenings.

I settled on a top down raglan cardigan with wide lace panels.

The raglan shaping happens between the lace panels which creates a really interesting visual detail with minimal knitting work. Always a bonus :-) As the number of stitches in lace panel doesn’t change this makes it much easier to work than most lace in garments, no increases or decreases.

After the yoke is done the waist shaping happens inside the lace panels so they are again allowed to move across the cardigan. This way the lace creates a feature but all the shaping happens in the st st portion of the garment.

Working with gradients has it’s own set of challenges. You want to try and balance the color use out and smooth the transitions. This is a little easier for you all as the overall yardage has already been calculated by me which means you can use divide your different colours evenly so that the gradient runs through the whole cardigan. A big part of the pattern notes deals with this, explaining how to reserve enough yarn for sleeves and the alternating stripes between the colours. Discussions in the ravelry group will also be very helpful if you run into problems.


Blue Moon has been very busy, they’ve put together some custom gradient kits and written a lovely blog post about the KAL. When you purchase the pattern you’ll get an exclusive 15% discount on the KAL yarn (Marine Silk Sport). What colour do you think you’ll knit your cardigan in, looking at this basket I’m actually tempted by them all!


5 thoughts on “Summer KAL here we come!

  1. I want to join the Summer KAL. I am usually a size 36 but I want the sweater slightly looser. Wondering if I should get 4 or 5 hanks of yarn? Thanks!

  2. You will want a few inches of positive ease which means that you’ll want to knit the third size so you’ll need 5 hanks of yarn.

  3. Hi Carol. I love your Santa Rosa Plum KAL cardi and want to choose my yarn for it. Allowing for 2ins of positive ease, I would need to go for the 46.5 inch size. The yarn I’ve chosen is Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in two solid colours, one light and one darker. It comes in 50g balls, length 167 metres I want to start with the light colour, incorporating it into the stripes as they occur. My problem is that I haven’t a clue how many balks of each to order. Please help!

  4. Hi Marie, think I saw you post in the forum as well? You’ll need 10 balls – so for an even division of both colors that would be 5 of each.

  5. Many thanks, Carol. My yarn arrived yesterday, and I’m busy swatching. I’m pretty excited, because I love the pattern. First time doing lace work.

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