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I’ve been hinting over the last few months about some secret projects I was working on. Well now at last the time has come to reveal one of those secrets to you – Bloomsbury DK!

A few months ago Love Knitting asked if I’d like to be involved with a new project with some other designers; the creation of a new yarn line, The Yarn Collective. This venture was completely new to me, I’ve been on the other end of the process, working on finished yarns only before now. This time I was able to be involved from the start, trying out the yarn and picking the colours. The Yarn Collective involves several designers, each getting their own yarn to design the colours for. The first to launch was Melanie Berg last week with the Portland Lace and her lovely SecretKeeper shawl.
It’s my turn this week and I want to introduce you to Bloomsbury DK and the 3 patterns I designed for the yarn. When I started designing the yarns I had a few different things in mind; first I wanted each colour to be one I loved that could stand alone but I also wanted the colours to work together in harmony. To do this I began with a visual inspiration for each set of colours that I worked around.

Violet, Dango in Fuchsia and Soot

The first set was inspired by the Fuchsia flower. Fuchsias grow wild in west Cork and in fact are often uses as the west Cork symbol. I love the mix of pinks, purples and greys. In the photos you can see a version of the Dango hat in Fuschia that hasn’t been photographed yet. You can see the different colour tones much more easily in the knitted fabric than in the skein.

Moss, Oz, Indigo and Surf

The next set was based on the deep blues and greens of the sea, especially the deep colours you get when it’s at full swell with huge surfing waves. These are the colours I’m always drawn to; greens and blues.

Russet, Sand and Copper

The final set is probably knitters (and my!) favourite season, Autumn. Browns, golds and coppers with some subtle dusty beiges. I love how the tones in these three colours just lead into each other.

So that gives you an outline on how I started the colour design process. From there I also wanted to make sure that each individual set related to the others so the neutral tones from each form almost a bridge between them.

Do you have a colour favourite?


I didn’t expect to love this deep Indigo blue from Dango so much. Knitted up it feels like a gently faded denim jacket, just lovely subtle variations in the navy blue. It’s got so much depth.

Now we can take a look at the patterns I designed for the yarn. There’s no better way to see how  yarn colour behaves then by knitting so I’d suggest giving them a try!

First we have Russler, an oversized, side-to-side shawl that is super warm and generously sized. The chevron stitch pattern is great for showing off the interaction between the three different colours – so it’s a bit like wearing Autumn wrapped around your shoulders!

Next we have Lignite.  This is a top-down raglan tunic, with a gentle v-neck. Designed to fit loosely the stripes of grey lace combine with a gentle a-line shape and an asymmetrical short row hem slope. This creates an easy-to-wear top that can be modified for different sizes.

Dango is a great uni-sex hat that combines a very subtle spiral cable with a dramatic central focal cable. I can see one of the boys robbing the sample over Christmas!

Yarn for all these patterns is available exclusively through Love Knitting. Keep an eye on the Yarn Collective over the coming days for some more revelations!





10 thoughts on “Bloomsbury DK

  1. I have just fallen in love with the Lignite, Carol! After vowing to not order any more yarn for a while, I feel completely compelled to go ahead with this one! I think it will be the indigo and the green…or the indigo and violet…hard choice…

  2. I did it!! I’ve bought the pattern and put the order in for 4 Indigo and 2 Violet, hoping they won’t be too close in color, but I know I will love the finished sweater either way. I always guilt myself out for thinking about ordering more yarn, but as soon I do it I just feel elation and exhiliaration lol Thank you for an especially beautiful pattern, Carol, you’ve outdone yourself with this one :-)

  3. oh Carol, please don’t worry about that! I am well aware that you juggle 10,000 balls (not just yarn) every day!!…the fact that you replied that you thought those 2 colours would work fine was enough for me!
    My order has already shipped! Gotta love “I Love Knitting” :-)
    hug from Canada : )

  4. Gorgeous colours!! May I ask, will the Copper and Moss in the Bloomsbury go well together and pick up each others colours in say a shawl or scarf? Or am I better with a different colour with either?

  5. I bought a couple of your delicious Bloomsbury DK to make a Woolywormhead hat. Whilst I love the feel and colour of the yarn, I found it very difficult to wind the hank into a ball. Is there a way of doing it so I don’t end up with a birds nest? Thank you.

  6. I usually use a ball winder and the results are ok. As it’s superwash though it is slippy so I always use the yarn from the outside as it will become a mess if you pull from the centre!

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