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Did you know that I’m doing and Irish retreat in October this year? (With a few more to come in 2018!) In fact Irish Tourism are taking 5% off the 2017 retreat cost if you book before the 10th of July. If you click through the links you’ll get details of the itineraries and the retreat dates.

I love the idea of knitting retreats, you get to see some of Ireland and also spend time knitting, learning and making new knitting friends.
I felt very intimidated at the idea of planning a retreat; I wanted it to have the perfect mix of sightseeing, learning and cosy knitting time. I think the hotel we’re staying at is the prefect start, Parknasilla Park Hotel is great mix of old world style and modern luxury. It should be a great place to find an intimate spot to spend time knitting, chatting, learning and making friends. Because the group is smaller than on a knitting tour it’ll be very interactive and I’m going to be with you the whole time in Kerry. Over the course of the retreat we will be working through a project that will form the basis of several knitting classes; cable charts, knitting without a cable needle, fixing cable mistakes, short rows (even short rows with cables) and grafting in ribbing. We’ll talk about the Irish knitting mills that remain and take a look at the yarns they produce. For anyone who wants to learn a bit more about fitting knits and garment shaping we’ll fit a class in on that as well! Because I’m with you for the whole trip we have the freedom to veer into other knitting areas that are of interest to the group; find your own knitting adventure!

While planning this retreat with Irish Tourism I started thinking about what I’d like from a retreat myself. To start with if it was in a a country I hadn’t been to before I’d probably want to do a certain amount of sight seeing, ideally yarn and wool related. However mainly I’d really like a cosy knitting space and the ability to learn new techniques. So lets create an intimate knitting space where you can learn, ask questions and make new knitting friends. There will of course be lots of yarn as well, just in case you were worried!

What would you like from a knitting retreat? I’d love to hear what would make a perfect retreat for you!

8 thoughts on “Irish Retreats

  1. I’d love to see a Retreat maybe after the Edinburgh Yarn Fest. I come every year from the States and it would be so wonderful to have a relaxing Retreat to wrap things up and i know my husband would appreciate another week of Golf. I know I have heard from several others from the States who would like the same.

  2. Is this retreat full? What is the cost, minus airfare? Can husbands/partners tag along?

  3. The idea of a knitting retreat in Ireland has me planning already. I would like to plan for a 2018 retreat since I am coming from Texas, USA will need to save a bit. I love the idea of learning in small groups. It sounds wonderful. In addition to a little sight seeing, I would like some time for walking exercise daily and then just soak up as much of Ireland as possible. I was last there in June of 2000. Can’t wait to return

  4. Please keep me posted. I am dreaming already of a 2018 retreat.

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