Tabouli KAL Wrap-Up

Another wonderful KAL is drawing to a close with the end of the Tabouli KAL. I always love them so much; fun knitters working along together knitting fantastic cardigans – what’s not to love?? I’m finding as the years move on that designs work best for me if I can combine them with a teaching element. Every new design that someone picks up to knit is a potential learning experience. I can’t teach into a void so using the KAL as a jumping off point means that I’m teaching knitters through the process by answering questions as we go.

I think this works well for everyone, knitters feel like they’re working with support, knowing that someone has their back. And for me my teaching/tutorial input is focused and fulfills the need that’s there. I have no desire to use social media purely for promotion, it starts to feel so empty and meaningless. But using it as a way to transmit my ideas/thoughts/lessons is a much better use!

If you’re working on the Tabouli cardigan make sure you get your finished photos up BEFORE 23th of July here. I’m going to have a raffle drawing for the grand prize – a sweaters worth of Nua!

One of our sweater knitters, Shelley, has kindly let me share images of her Tabouli in progress. I’m loving it in the Cafe Flamingo Nua colour!

If you haven’t started Tabouli yet you can still purchase and get all the clues together. Also the complete pattern will be released at the end of the month which you’ll get automatically if you buy the KAL. If you’re curious about some of the videos that I posted during the course of the KAL you can find them all together here. So even if you are knitting Tabouli after the KAL is over you still get to watch all the videos!

Side note

Keep an eye out for a newsletter coming into your inboxes tomorrow announcing a flash sale over the weekend! (If you’re not subscribed you can do so here).

In other news, I’ve just signed the lease for a brand new studio/class space at Marina Commercial Park in Cork. This is the first time since I’ve had children I’ll be working outside of my home office so I’m equal parts excited and terrified. I think I’ve found the perfect space; it’s got a separate reception, storage and class space and the terms are very flexible so I can move up and down in unit size as needed. Don’t you just love when something falls into place?

I’m going to be moving in during August once my travel is over and then I’m hoping to advertise a part-time administrative position. I’d be looking for a knitter who love to organise, is comfortable on the computer and packing orders. I’ll advertise more officially when I move in but if this sounds like something that would suit you then get in contact!

5 thoughts on “Tabouli KAL Wrap-Up

  1. I too, think your KAL’s are the best way to knit a new pattern. Tabouli is my second of your KAL’s, and I’ve learned new technique’s with each. Knitting the same pattern, at the same time as others around the world is a unique pleasure. I check the group forums daily, and find encouragement there. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos; they are much appreciated, as are your patterns.

  2. Carol, SO happy for you that you have found your Space! May you have a long and happy Sojourn there!
    and….oh my goodness, do I ever wish I lived near Cork so that I could apply for that job!!
    much love from Canada!

  3. Congratulations Carol on finding a space for your work. Having attended your classses at This is Knit I know how passionate you are about teaching knitting skills. I’ll be down in Cork late August so I hope to pop in to see you in your workplace.

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