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We have been slowly releasing bits from behind the scenes of Cosy Knits and what we absolutely love about collaboration projects is the mix of designers within the group. Some we know, some we have only dreamed of working with and some we want to introduce to a wider audience because we have fallen in love with their style/aesthetic. Either way, we always end up a project wiser and a few more friends than when we started.

Today we wanted to introduce the first 4 designers who took part in the Cosy Knits project. Give them a follow on Instagram (I’ve linked to their Instagram posts in this blog post below) or have a browse of their designs and maybe you might find a new-to-you designer whose work inspires you.

© Playingwithfibre

Eimear Earley – Playing with Fibre

Eimear is an Irish designer and you may recognise her name from the latest Knitty release and that gorgeous Banrion shawl. Formerly a craft design student who worked with molten glass, she now gets her creative kicks from knitting & spinning wool – much more practical pursuits. Eimear is infatuated with prehistoric Irish gold artefacts and is inspired by the notion of translating highly ornate ceremonial objects into everyday woollen items. Find her on Instagram here and her website is here.

© Jiminez Joeseph


Jimenez Joseph -Jimiknits

For about 20 years, Jimenez was a keen track & field athlete. She discovered knitting while convalescing after a severe knee injury had forced her to quit athletics altogether. Knitting became her new obsession. Her designs explore shape, colour, texture and novelty, while at the same time, offering simplicity in their construction.  When she is not knitting she is playing tennis. She lives in the Surrey Hills, England with her yarn-enabling husband and exasperated daughter!

Find her on Instagram here and her website is here. 

&copy Bristol Ivy

Bristol Ivy

Bristol is a knitting designer, teacher, and author from Portland, Maine. Her work has been published with PomPom Magazine, Quince & Co., Making Magazine, and her own eponymous pattern line. She has taught at such events as Squam Art Workshops, Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and Vogue Knitting Live, as well as yarn shops worldwide. Her recent book, Knitting Outside the Box with PomPom Press, explores her lifelong commitment to breaking rules and finding beauty in unexpected places. When not knitting, she’s sewing, running, watching far too many British murder mysteries, and baking a mean loaf of oatmeal honey bread. Find her online at and on Instagram and Twitter as @bristolivy.

© Louise Tilbrook

Louise Tilbrook

Louise is based in the UK and love to support British Indie dyers and can never resist a good hand-dyed semi-solid yarn, especially if it is teal.  An enthusiastic knitter, designer and blogger who firmly believes that every day is better with the addition of some knitting. And good coffee doesn’t hurt either. Louise struggled to find sock patterns suitable for the men in her life which didn’t involve miles of stockinette so she decided to create a range of straightforward and elegant patterns, easily adaptable for men and women and this was just the start of her journey.

You can always find her on Instagram here and her website is here.


We can’t wait to introduce you to our next 4 designers and I bet you can’t wait to see what amazing accessories and garments have been created by these wonderful designers. Stay tuned…all will be revealed soon.



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  1. Fantastic designers. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

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