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Let me introduce you to the first pattern from the Celtic Knits Club, Santach. This is a cabled hat that hides the crown decreases in decreasing cable sizes. The club comes with an online workshop so for anyone who is new to cables, charts or any of the pattern techniques they can get a complete video lesson from start to finish!

blasta yarn

The yarn used was custom spun by Donegal Yarns and is pretty special; they use a blend of 60% Irish fleece (with only the softest grade included) and 40% New Zealand fleece. Its 2 ply, creating a dk weight yarn that just bounces with cables! The richness of the colour is hard to describe….but let me give it a shot with a few of the responses on Ravelry:

This is the kind of yarn that really “sparks joy” for me!!

The yarn is perfection, and the extras are lovely.

The yarn is gorgeous and such a beautiful, deep color. Can’t wait to knit with it. 
 The colour & texture are just gorgeous.


The Club Extras

Now for a club it’s often the extras that make it really special. I’m so lucky to have such talented makers right on my doorstep here in Cork.

CkC extras


First up we have the wonderful soap from Suds Johnson. The beautiful soap that was included in the club is Sleepy Surfer (with a natural lavender scent) that comes with at travel tin. Pretty much perfect timing to allow you to keep your hands clean AND smell good at the same time!

The second extra that came with the club was a set of 2 beautiful stitch markers from Python Charms that double up as bracelet charms. If you want to find yourself a bracelet to hold those beauties on you can check out her online shop here.

Future Clubs

If you missed out on this club but would like to be the first to know about any future club you can sign up for updates below:
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2 thoughts on “Celtic Knits Club

  1. Carol…I love your site, which I discovered just recently. I have purchased three patterns of yours so far from Ravelry. My problem is I am never quit sure what substitute yarns to use since I live in Toronto. I am a good knitter but useless at figuring out yarns.
    You have a lovely website.

  2. Ravelry can be a great help for that – take a look at the tab on top of the pattern that says ‘yarn ideas’ and you can see the other yarns knitters have used.

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