Cosy at Home

Over the last week or so I’ve been regularly checking in on Instagram to see how everyone is doing. As our world is being forced to move increasingly virtual these connections are becoming very important for both me and everyone else. Working from home with minimal interactions feels very normal to me. Until 20 months ago I worked full time from home. To be honest I was still getting used to the novelty of being out of the house so returning to working from home has a familiar, cosy, quality to it for me.

cats curled on chair

I know this is not the case for everyone and you may be struggling? Some jobs get a lot harder to do virtually. Maybe you’ve got small kids in the background while you’re attempting to have virtual meetings? Maybe your home broadband isn’t up to the task of constant access? Or maybe you’re unable to work and are worried about if you’ll have a job to go back to? Be gentle on yourself. Slow down and allow for ‘good enough’. There is no perfect right now, good enough will do. Maybe you need an extra nap, glass of wine or cry to release your tension? Do what you need to do; allow yourself to feel and don’t judge yourself.

As the increased number of restrictions began happening over the last few weeks I had a rising sense of panic. First all my tours and retreats for 3 months were cancelled, then different countries began suspending international post. I felt like I was grasping at a rug being pulled from under me. Last Friday at 9pm the Irish government declared a complete shutdown from midnight with a stay at home order and all non-essential businesses closed down. So we made a manic rush to the studio to bring a large box of Nua Sport back to the home office as well as packing supplies, samples and books. Then we sat with a bottle of wine for several hours and went to bed in the middle of the night.

And you know what, we’re just fine. Our house is full of our children, my parents are safe next door, our fridge and freezer have enough food and yes there are several packs of toilet paper in our back kitchen!! Everyone is content, we are moving to a slower pace of life with less expectations. If people don’t get up until 10 you know that’s ok! We are spending hours less in the car and travelling so an extra 2 hours in bed is just fine. My youngest had his 14th birthday last Saturday and do you know what he did…he spend 5 hours digging roots out of a flower bed and was happy :-) This morning I can down to fresh sourdough bread on the counter that another son had made late last night. I am so grateful for all I have right now and it is enough.

I try to quiet my mind about the future questions. What will our world look like when this is over? What will the long term consequences be? How long will this go on for? I’m trying very best (and frequently failing) to live in the moment. We are all good right now, I can help my neighbours and deliver their groceries, I can support my children and keep their life joyful. The only strength I ask for right now is ability to focus on the ‘now’ and be content with that.

What is your story? What’s bringing you peace and tranquility right now?