Moving on the Guggen Clue 2 – Sleeves!

We’ve now finished the right front of the cardigan so it’s time to move on to the right side and the sleeve. This is where the cardigan does start to feel a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, with the parts all slotting together! I’ve given some details on how the next clue will work below but remember that if you’re purchased the pattern you’ve also got full access to Teachable which has a video talking through all these techniques as well.

side of body

Side of Body

This a pretty basic sketch but it might help you picture what happens next. At the bottom it shows the right front, with both the body and short row yoke worked together. Now we will remove the yoke stitches on a spare needle or holder and will just work on the side of the body. This is initially worked straight and then short rows are introduced to create a gentle a-line shaping. This is where you could add extra short rows if you wanted a more dramatic a-line shape. The straight section across the top will form the underarm and will be seamed with the underside of the sleeve at the end.

sleeve flat


Once the side of the body is finished you will set those stitches aside on waste yarn to be joined back up with the yoke later. Next is the sleeve. From the diagram above you can see you start out by casting on the number of sleeve stitches you want. Next you shape it by adding short rows so that the cuff is smaller than the upper arm. Next you work a straight section, half the width of the side of the body (as it will be seamed with this at the end).

Now we get on to the fun part, you’ll rejoin the yoke and sleeve and working them both together. Of course you’ll also need to work those yoke short rows to shape the neck! Once the number of repeats for your size is complete you’ll remove the yoke again and work the second side of the sleeve. This is the very same as the first side, just in reverse.

Now you set those sleeve stitches aside and rejoin the side of the body and yoke to work across the back. When you’ve finished your cardigan you will graft the underside of the cardigan together. If you really don’t want to graft then you can do a standard cast-on and bind-off for the sleeve and just seam it together afterwards. I just like to find more ways to keep things seamless!

How to Get Guggen

If you haven’t joined in yet but would like to then you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or my website.

Yarn is available from my website here.

All pattern pdfs come with the access code for the video workshop.

Are you joining the KAL? Make sure you use the tag #guggenkal2020 so I can follow and repost your knits!



3 thoughts on “Moving on the Guggen Clue 2 – Sleeves!

  1. Hi – I’m attracted to this sweater, especially since I’ve been a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. My question… how difficult is the knitting? I consider myself a self-taught intermediate… Haha! Which means never knit short rows (or socks).

  2. There will be a few new skills but if you’re willing to learn there is enough tutorial information in the pattern and workshop to get you started!

  3. Carol, I’m loving this KAL and how you’ve put together the ‘puzzle’ pieces. One of the knitters asked if a 3-needle BO would work instead of grafting. At first I was thrilled, but after thinking about it, I want a seamless look. Plus, I need to hone in on my grafting skills. Also liking the Invisible Provisional CO. Fast once I get into the rhythm. I’m guessing clue 3 will be the back.

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