woman in grey coat looking sideways and wearing a bright blue hat. Branches behind her.

CKC 21 – Dorcha

The very first pattern for the Celtic Knits Club 2021 has arrived; welcome to Dorcha!

It’s been long-awaited but now it’s here. This first pattern is a hat that used a series of texture stitches repeated on both sides of the hat. It starts with a faux cable that uses a lifted stitch that creates a cable like texture. The middle stitch is the Blackberry or Trinity stitch that creates a fantastic texture and is widely used in Irish knits. The final stitch is a knit/purl ladder stitch. There are columns of single knit stitches with purl ladder ‘rungs’ worked every few rows between them.

woman turned away wearing a blue wool hat and a grey coat

Yarn Colours

a pile of yarn skeins in the top. A notebook with an image of a girl sitting in front. Pile of knitting in the background

This year there were 3 different colour options for the club; contrast, classic neutral and blue medley. For the full club membership, you’ll get 2 skeins of the main colour (the darker colour) which will be enough for a hat and two blanket swatches.

In addition there are 2 other colours which will be the start of our garter blanket swatches. Every installment will have a few more skeins of this yarn, enough by the time you finish to complete the garter exterior squares.

What Else Is in Your Package

But this club is more than just the yarn and patterns. Every instalment also includes 2 beautiful stitch markers from Python Charms and this package will also have your 2021 Celtic Knits Club planner from Badly Made Books.

Seascair Blanket Swatches

two blue squares of knitting with a skein of blue yarn over them and yellow yarn wound with needles

As well as getting the pattern for the Dorcha hat you’ll also have received the first two swatch pattern for the Seascair Blanket. In case you were wondering Seascair is Cosy in Irish!

The Blackberry Swatch is the same stitch patterns you used for the Dorcha hat but worked flat. You’ll need to work two of these swatches for your blanket.

pile of square grey garter stitch knitting with a skein of grey and navy yarn above.

The Garter Swatch is a simple garter square worked with a central decrease. This will form the exterior surround for your blanket. In the centre, you’ll have your cables and pattern swatches and then all around will be your garter swatches. I love these little swatches as palette cleansers. I’ve started knitting a square between each project while I think about starting the next one! Each shipment will have a few skeins of the garter swatch colour, so you can keep working away on those swatches while you work on your other project.

Did you miss out on joining the club this year?

The Digital Only Club is still available. It comes with both the patterns and the video workshops and you can find Blasta yarn in the original colours on my website here.