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Woodburne Cardigan

When you’ve been designing for many years it’s much too easy to forget about some of your earlier patterns. This year I’ve spent a bit of time revisiting older patterns and having them reknit in different yarns.

When I began looking around for suitable Blasta yarn patterns the Woodburne Cardigan seemed just perfect. Much to my astonishment, this pattern was first published in 2012 as a KAL. I can’t believe the pattern is 9 years old!

In this updated version of the pattern I’ve given detailed yardage information and I’ve rewritten the yoke directions to help simplify them a little. Plus I’ve updated all the tutorial links so that they are now directed to my new tutorial section.

Waist Shaping

I’ve always been fond of integrated waist shaping, where it becomes part of the design itself. In this cardigan all of the shaping is at the back in between the two cables. You can see how this creates a central section where the cables almost become one at the waistline.

Seamless Construction

My love of seamless construction began a long time ago and this cardigan uses a very fun construction technique. It’s knit seamlessly from the bottom up. You finish the body and sleeves before then joining them together for the yoke.

The yoke uses a seamless saddle shoulder construction. First, you decrease the body stitches only (to get the shoulder width you want), then you move to decrease only the sleeve stitches until all that is left is the width of the saddle stitches you want.

Now comes the fun part!

You work on one shoulder at a time, working back and forth across the saddle, decreasing a stitch at each side until you’ve eaten up all of the shoulder stitches. Then you knit around to the second side and do the same there.

You can also see that the collar cables are worked all the way up around the back of the neck and joined.


One of my favourite additions to the cardigan is the pockets. They’re big and functional and perfect for keeping your hands cosy on a cold winters day. The front edge is finished with an I-cord bind off for a tidy, functional edge that doesn’t stretch out of shape.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the pattern on my website here or Ravelry here.

You can find the Blasta yarn kits here. (I’ve had a few requests for the buttons used as well which can be found here!).

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  1. Love all of your patterns.

    Thank you for sending me the updated version now I just need to purchased your beautiful yarn since I already have the older and now new updated version.

    Thanks again

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