Masterclass: Finishing Your Knits

It’s been a while coming, but I’ve just launched my second masterclass, Finishing Your Knits. This is a topic that intimidates a lot of knitters, and there as many different ways to finish as there are knitters. With finishing, the end result is what you’re looking for, and you can use whatever technique you find easiest to get the desired result.

So what is the desired result?

For me, it’s a knitted piece that looks better after finishing. Loose stitches have been evened out, and ends are woven in, so they’re secure and invisible from the front, and it’s not going to come apart! I’ve picked up and modified many different techniques along the way so that this class will put them all together for you in a single class.

What’s Covered?

The main areas I’ll be covering are going to be :

Weaving in end with different fabric types.

Seaming: Mattress Stitch on both St St and Garter, seaming a set-in sleeve, Whip Stitch and seaming in a zip.

I-Cord: How it works, turning corners, different buttonhole types.

Short Rows: Overview of a few techniques and details of how to add them to your projects.

Blocking: How to get the most out of your finished piece and really give it a polished finish.

For the first time ever, I’ll also have a second class option, the addition of 2 zoom group classes to go with the video class. This 6-week course will have a new video launched for 6 weeks, starting on April 2nd. Early Bird pricing is available right now. The zoom option is very limited, and it will close before the first zoom class.

You can find both class options here:

2 thoughts on “Masterclass: Finishing Your Knits

  1. Hello Carol I would like to anticipate in your masterclass, I would prefer to pay in Euro instead of dollars as I am living i Germany. Is this possible? I look foreward to the course.I allready own two of your books! Many regards from Pia

  2. Hi Pia,
    In Teachable there is the option to pay with Paypal. If you’ve got euro credit it will do the conversion automatically for you.

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