CKC Final Patterns

Can you believe it?

The 2021 Celtic Knits Club is coming to a close, but the journey was so much fun. I really enjoyed the process of pulling many months of work together into a final finished knit. Plus I’m really happy to put my swatches to good use!

This post takes a look at the final CKC patterns, including a bonus pattern too. If you prefer a video walkthrough you can find that at the end of the post here.

Are you excited?

Let’s get started:

Hort Mitts

Hort Fingerless and Flip Top versions

I wanted to give a few options for these mitts. I know not everyone lives in the same climate type or has the same knitting needs. This meant that I had to create both a fingerless and a flip-top version of the mitt in order to make this a pattern that everyone could enjoy.

Fingerless version

If you live in a more temperate climate (or need mitts indoors in colder weather), then the fingerless mitt option is fantastic. However, for cooler climates, the flip-top version is super useful. You get the warmth of a full mitt, BUT when you need your fingers (e.g. when opening phones), you can pop the top back and have access to your fingers without taking the mitt off. Problem solved.

Flip Top version worn closed.

Seascair Blanket Finishing

Finished Seascair Blanket

Over the last few months, you’ve all been building up a little pile of blanket swatches. Now it’s time to finish the final two swatches and the remaining garter squares.

I wanted to have some fun when finishing the Sescair blanket, so I opted to use a darker joining colour to join the blanket squares using a 3-needle bind off. You could also opt for a more subtle colour option or even one colour for the vertical and another for the horizontal if you wish. Now is the time to have fun with the final process and make this blanket your own.

Seascair Cushion Cover

Seascair Cushion Cover

I promised you all a bonus pattern, and here you go; the Seascair Cushion cover!

Now, there isn’t enough yarn in the club to make this, but if you don’t think you will finish the blanket, you could make a cushion cover instead. (Or this is also a great excuse to get more Blasta!)

This uses the same mitred garter square as the blank, but you pick up stitches around the edge to create the outer edging. This allows you to modify the size of the cover to suit the cushion you wish to cover. Finally, it finishes with a contrast colour using a 3-needle I-Cord Bind-Off. It really looks just like piping!

Video Walkthrough

How To Purchase

If you missed out on the Celtic Knits club this year, you could still opt into the Digital Celtic Knits Club here where you will get all 5 patterns plus full video workshops. (There are over 100 videos included).

If you need some Blasta yarn, it can be purchased here.

If you want individual patterns only and the colours used in this club, make sure you’re on our newsletter list (see below) and you will hear about the individual releases in September.

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  1. Well, I just got excited about CKC21 all over again! My new goal for Olympic Watching will be to finish the blanket – which could have been easier if I hadn’t lied to myself about the swatches being the right size (I’ve just ripped out two because, weeks after saying “I got gauge,” I decided I didn’t like the fabric and maybe should have listened to my inner self).

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