Introducing the Seasons Club 2021

Have you ever found yourself knitting and thinking about cake?

No? (Are we friends?)

Then let me ask you if you have ever been to a knitting festival only to find out that no matter which coffee dock you go to, all the cake is sold out? The horror!

Now, I bet you’re wondering what this has to do with our brand new Seasons Club.

The answer is simple.


We wanted to create a club that puts community and comfort together. For us, that meant creating a club that was easy to opt-in and out of, had captivating designs (with the support of in-depth online tutorials), an exclusive, dedicated space for community chat, but also took us a little out of our collective comfort zone.

Because doing something new is what brings us all together, right?

Imagine opening up a gorgeous yarn pack supported with designs in your online account. All the techniques you need are waiting for you in Teachable, and all the extra chat and support you need is in a private dedicated KnitHub space.

This fun will happen 4 times a year. One shipment per season, inspired by that season here in Ireland. The yarn type for each installment and pattern type will vary and each shipment will have an extra surprise treat and a sumptuous cake recipe for that season.

Quite simply this is comfort knitting, paired with comfort food and good company. How else would you like to celebrate the changing of the seasons?

If this all sounds good to you please note that the club goes live THIS Saturday, Aug 28th at 8 pm Irish Time (3 pm EST) here. This page will not be live until that time.

For those of you looking for all the answers on how can I join, when can I join and modifications to subscriptions etc. You can find those answers here.

To find out about the upcoming Autumn instalment keep reading:

Photo by N. Seaver

Seasons Club 2021 – Autumn

The autumn instalment will have 3 patterns and the focus is on colour play. It’s all about having fun with colour and trying out different combinations. This club will also include a recipe from the award-winning blogger Evin O’K so it’s perfect to flex those baking muscles. And no, before you ask there isn’t a hint of pumpkin anything in sight 😉.

The Season’s Club will open for the Autumn instalment on the 28th of August at 8 pm BST (3 pm EST). It will remain open for 4 weeks until the 25th of September. After that, it will be closed until the next season.

Packages will begin shipping 4 weeks after it closes from the 22nd of October. Digital content will be available a week later, from the 30th of October so that we can all enjoy the instalment together.

To find out even more Carol has recorded this video for you:

If you’re ready to come and join us


(Page is live at 8 pm Irish Time Aug 28th)

Happy Knitting Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Introducing the Seasons Club 2021

  1. This sounds wonderful! From the video it sounds like there will be a variety of yarns with each season/project and I love the opt in/out by season feature. Are patterns/recipes and yarns included with the club membership or separate? If so, will those yarns be previewed in advance so we can see yarn content, etc.? Love all your innovations!!

  2. Patterns and recipe is included with membership. I will preview the yarns before each installment so you know what the yarn is. If it’s an non-custom colour I’ll share the colour but for custom colours it will be colour families.

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