Enjoying the Seasons

I spent several years living in Florida where my husband grew up. I LOVED the warm weather and the sharp contrast from Ireland. The gentle insect hum and buzz as you walked outdoors in the evening and the moist, fragrant air. I even loved the extreme heat and humidity!

But something happened after living there for a full year. I began to miss things. I missed the crisp autumn mornings where you could crunch the leaves underfoot during a walk. And even the short winter days, with nights in front of the fire hibernating with a hot cuppa under a blanket.

It then dawned on me, that although I love warm weather I also adore change. I love the sense of moving from one season to another. While most of us have a favourite season there is still joy in changing from one to another.

Something to look forward to.

Something we will miss from the old one.

I’m going to leave you with a little photo compilation of some of my favourite changing season images.

But tell me, do you love it too?

The changing of the seasons?

9 thoughts on “Enjoying the Seasons

  1. I love the changes from winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall. Fall to winter can go away entirely as far as I’m concerned. Winter is just hard for me.

  2. I love the changing seasons of Canada. Since moving to BC over 10 years ago I miss the vibrant autumn colours of eastern Canada the most. I am disappointed that I cannot join in on the Seasons Club this go round as I want to finish my Celtic Club knitting.

  3. I love ALL seasonal changes. Even though I love the September days, it is the most challenging as everyone has gone home. I live in same area where we summered growing up with grandparents. Great place to connect with family – siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles as they flock back here every year. But now there is a vacuum effect when everyone leaves and suddenly the quiet expands and there is a shrinking of family social adventures and meals shared together. It is a transition. All good! But sad too.

  4. What a soothing collection of gorgeous local photos in all their changing season glory! I am originally from Michigan, a decidedly 4 season climate, but I have been living in Tucson Arizona now for almost 25 years and the seasons are hot and hotter yet, so I miss some of the most splendid of changing season displays (like fall leaves) though I know I am at home here. I will say that I have been working with a nurse who hails from Cork, and she is back there visiting now for the month of August and should be returning to Tucson soon and I hope she will return with her own local photos and I will have a new dream of being able to visit Ireland some day.

  5. Be thankful you weren’t here for the last few weeks. We have had hurricane’s that have been deadly and have really taken a human and material toll. Unbelievable flooding and loss of property. I live in Georgia, and have spent time in Florida and love both but prefer Georgia.

  6. We have for the third time cancelled our trip to Ireland because of COVID. We are shooting for fall of 2022! Thank you for the gift of these photos.

  7. I was born and raised in Hawaii and left after high school for LA where I lived for 10 years, finally settling in the San Francisco Bay Area for 40+ years. It wasn’t until 2017 that my brother and I decided to join my daughter in Rochester, NY. Now, I’ve come to appreciate and look forward to the changing seasons. The winters have been changeable…..sometimes very cold to mild. I love it when it snows because that’s the time I get to snuggle beneath a warm blanket and knit a warm woolly sweater. This year I’ll get to snuggle beneath the Seacair blanket! Yay, it’s almost finished! Knitting a Seasons Club project will be wonderful!

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