Short Rows Masterclass

Over the last couple of years, I’ve begun introducing a new Masterclass once a year. Initially, this was thanks to Covid and the fact that I could no longer travel to teach classes. However, I quickly realised that online learning had a huge amount of benefits.

It has a much lower cost, and you don’t have to travel. All you have to do is pick your favourite chair and have a device that connects to the internet. This opens the lessons up to anyone in remote areas and has the benefit of learning at your own pace. If it takes you many repetitions to get the hang of a new technique, this method of learning is perfect for you.

This year, I’m covering a topic close to my heart, Short Rows. I just love working short rows into patterns in as many ways as possible. The freedom they give you to create shapes and curves in your knitting seamlessly is unmatched by any other technique.

However, a lot of knitters are intimidated by short rows, sometimes even keeping away from patterns if they are used. I wanted this masterclass to take this fear away and really give you control over short rows. I approach this in two ways; first of all, I will work through many techniques that you can use to create short rows and then I will, at the same time, begin showing you all of the ways you can use those techniques.

Overview of Topics

  • Lesson 1: Wrap & Turn Short Rows & an Overview of how to use Short rows.
  • Lesson 2: Japanese Short Rows & How to use Short Rows in your garments.
  • Lesson 3: Yarnover Short Rows & How to use them in Sock Knitting.
  • Lesson 4: German Short Rows & How to work Short Rows with Stitch Patterns.
  • Lesson 5: Shadow Wraps & Short Row Bust Shaping
  • Lesson 6: Creating 3-Dimensional Shapes with Short Rows & Swapping between Short Row Types.

Release Schedule

The Short Rows Masterclass in now on pre-sale with an Early Bird special offer pricing. The class will go up to the full price when the first lesson is released.

The first lesson will be released on the 5th of May and they will be released every week for 6 weeks with the final one arriving on the 8th of June. This course also comes with three patterns that you can practice different techiques on; Maenad, Talium and Parcel.

How the Class Works

This is a self-guided class that is on our Teachable classroom platform. In the pre-sale period each new lesson will be released every week for six weeks. The lessons will be a combination of video (approximately 20 minutes each lesson) and written information.

In each lesson I’ll give you swatch directions and I’d encourage you to work through the new swatch every week so that by the time the next weeks lesson comes around you’re very comfortable with that technique.

You can re-watch the class as often as you like, if you have poor internet all the videos are also downloadable. I’ve got edited captions for each video also if you prefer to read than listen to the directions. They are yours to watch forever as many times as you wish.


In each lesson you can ask as many questions as you like in the comments section that I will answer. In addition you can also chat in the Short Rows Masterclass forum on KnitHub with other knitters (and me!). You can share what works for you or what techniques you need extra help with. This is also where you get to meet all the other makers taking this course too!

If you are nodding along and would like to join us just click this link: