Spring Seasons Club

When it comes to the Seasons, I try not to play favourites


it’s pretty hard to resist spring!

Winter can be a long, cold, dark slog where it feels like you should curl up and hibernate most days. When the days start to get longer, the first of the spring daffodils pop through, and the early buds are on the trees; it’s like being reborn. I find myself taking a deep breath, embracing the sunshine and being thankful that I’ve come through another winter.

So when we were planning the Spring Seasons Club, that was the mood we wanted to convey. It was not an easy task, but I think we got there!

The yarn for this Seasons club, Life in the Long Grass (LITLG) ‘Earth’, is a fingering weight mix of merino, yak and nylon. For anyone who’s used my Nua yarn, you will have encountered a merino/yak blend before, so you know how super soft it is! Adding the nylon (and having the merino superwash) means that this is a soft but durable yarn blend suitable for all sorts of uses. Our tea selection this month will be refreshing and light, in keeping with the season.

The Spring Season will have three accessory patterns that will be useful, wearable items with some delicate, light stitch patterns.

If you would like to hear more about the club, just press play on the video below:

Learn about the Spring Seasons Club from Carol

Lets Take a look at the Season Colours

How do I join?

There are two joining options.

  1. You can purchase a single season.
  2. You can get a 5% discount with a rolling subscription that will bill you every season. (Minimum commitment is 2 seasons for the discount).

Club will be live 8pm (Irish Time) March 1st (Link will not work until then):


The club will go on sale for new members on the 1st of March. The club will be open until the 26th of March (or while stocks last) and will begin shipping from the 22nd of April. Patterns will be delivered digitally once all shipments are sent.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get immediate access to the private club KnitHub space, where you can chat with other knitters and to the Teachable video classes. The pattern video will be added at the same time as the patterns.

We’re so looking forward to this season. Will you join us?

2 thoughts on “Spring Seasons Club

  1. Hi Carol!

    I just found this part of your website. I see you are closed to the spring knitting club. Sorry I missed it! When will the next round start taking membership purchases? Or are the next season or two listed somewhere to sign up for that and I haven’t seen it?
    Lonita Whaley

  2. Hi Lonita,
    We’ve only just closed! Send us on a message if you’d like us to squeeze you into the Spring club?
    Alternatively, it’ll open again in the the summer season on the 1st of June!

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