Keeping Busy, and Taupo KAL update!

I’m feeling a little sorry for myself this morning, I’ve got a big fat lip courtesy of my oldest darling son!  He decided that his tennis racquet was much better as a sword and lets just say that it didn’t stay in his hand :(  We also seem to be going through the latest series of coughs and colds with another round of doctor visits this morning.  Sometimes I find it so hard to make the call about whether you should go to the doctor with kids, they seem just fine and you are ready to send them off to school… then they start coughing and you send them back in the other direction!

On a different note –

Our Taupo KAL knitters on ravelry are working away hard on their cardigans, come take a look to see how they’re getting on.  Most people have worked through the provisional cast on now and all the different modifications that knitters are making are shining through.  Hopefully we’ll have a few photos to show you in the next few weeks.

On the pattern front – Byzantine Walk is done and the full finished pattern has gone out to everyone that has  pre-ordered!  This is a fun knit, the combination of tweedy merino and slipped stitches in the round is addictive.  Probably how the hat ended up as slouchy, cause a beanie just isn’t enough!

I’m working on an exciting new project at the moment, I can only hint at details for now but I do have a little bitty swatch that will be part of it that I can share….

You may notice that  ‘Soft Donegal’ is peaking through again.  Can’t stop knitting with this yarn!  This is the biggest project I’ve taken on in a while and totally new to me.  It’s very exciting and fun to be working on, I’m looking forward to sharing more details with you.

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  1. I checked on Ravelry and I still have not received my pattern for the Byzantine Walk. I pre-ordered this past weekend. Thanks.

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