Family regrouping

We just had a 3 day weekend.

It was so very, very nice.  It feels as though with our lives at the moment that we are permanently running at 150% which is hard to sustain.  It really was a few days out of time for us, all of the boys activities were cancelled over the weekend (as there are 8 different activities that’s fairly significant!).  We got to sleep for an extra hour with no alarm clock in the morning, it really makes a tremendous difference over 3 days!

Saturday was Patrick’s Day.  I’m not really crazy about parades and the chaos but we did our own family version of celebrations.  We started with a walk in the woods, and got very, very muddy!  Then we went out for lunch.  This may not seem like a big deal to you but we realised that it was the first time as a family we had gone out for a meal in a year.  Between the cost and having a child that finds new situations difficult it is often something that we avoid unless necessary.  Anyone who get a chance though, The Pink Elephant in west Cork is well worth a visit :)  Friendly, helpful and very tolerant of kids and mud!  Plus there’s the added bonus that well, you’re eating at a Pink Elephant…..

Just across the road there is a wonderful beach so we got to finish our day out by running our very patient dog (who sat in the car while we ate) on the beach.

Of course I have no photos from the actual day but just so that I don’t have a completely photo less post I’ll give you a bonus shot from the top of our hill from my walk this morning.  I love when it starts turning green again after the winter (ok, so the trees aren’t quite there yet!)

2 thoughts on “Family regrouping

  1. Sounds like a wonderful break! Early spring here in the State too. Our trees haven’t quite caught up either!)

  2. So nice that you were able to grab a little family time! We also had a break from school, activities, etc. and did pretty much the same as you…such a nice change of pace.

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