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I’ve been experimenting a little with my Ipad to record some video tutorials for you. For anyone who has an Ipad you may know how awkward trying to do this is! It’s big enough that you have to lean over it to record just your hands, and to make matters worse, the camera is on the side so you have to work way over to that side to make your hands centered!
So with much effort and I bring you my first two video tutorials for cable cast on and alternate cable cast on.

These cast ons are really useful – I find that I use the cable cast on primarily for underarm areas or the front of the neck when working top down. It tends to leave less gaps than the backwards loop method. I have shown this cast on with the new stitch slipped knit wise from the right hand needle to the left hand needle. I have sometimes done this purl wise and I’m not sure it makes a huge difference? Any opinions out there on this? Would love to hear, just leave a comment letting me know how you slip this stitch after it is created.

I stumbled upon the alternate cable cast on when looking for a substitute for tubular cast on. When working 1×1 ribbing (k1, p1), I just love how a tubular cast on looks. The cast on flows effortlessly into the ribbing and creates a smooth continuous edge. It however takes forever to create, making it hard to suggest in patterns!A  couple of summers ago Woolly Wormhead mentioned alternate cable cast on, which I then promptly forgot only to rediscover it again in the last few months when I wanted a tubular substitute.

So let me introduce you to my Cable Cast On video and my Alternate Cable Cast On video, enjoy!

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  1. Nicely done! Cable cast on is my favorite, because you never run out of yarn before you’re done casting on.

    I insert my needle between the last two stitches *before* tightening the last stitch down; this makes the edge nice and flexible, not too tight.

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