Scrumptious Blog Tour

A couple of months ago I launched my Scrumptious Knits booklet.  The intervening months have been rather hectic so a little belatedly I’m bringing you the blog tour!  If you’re interested in the origin of the book, how some of the designs came about and perhaps just learning a little about the design process please follow along.  Many of the blog tour stops will also have the added chance of winning a copy of the booklet.

So for your viewing pleasure I bring you our first stop on the tour – Woolly Wormhead.

Recently Lantern Moon began distributing Fyberspates yarn in the US.  As Scrumptious Knits uses Fyberspates yarn they are also distributing my Scrumptious Knits book.  You all probably know that they sell an amazing range of needles, which I’m now really excited to try out.  They sent me some samples of their needles (circular are my favorite as you may have noticed!) I think the first I’m going to try out will be the Ebony Destiny needles, nice tip and super smooth.  As an added bonus their needle tips rotate freely on the wire which should make for very comfortable knitting….or maybe the rosewood will get the first try, decisions decisions!