Challanges & treats

I’ve got a busy few months coming up from both a work and personal point of view.  From the family side, we’ve got exams (Junior Cert for oldest, multiple music, gymnastic trials), 2 plays (with multiple nights), 4 music concerts, 2 big gymnastic events and even a confirmation.  My calender is actually starting to look a bit like a joke :-)

Even with all that going on though I think it is still easier than having a baby/toddler.  The constant pressure to be on call, frequent sicknesses and lack of sleep makes everything so much harder.  Admittedly my memory is probably skewed towards the negative as my youngest had a lot of problems….I though I was suffering from post-natal depression but in fact 18 months without a single night of more than a 2 hour sleep stretch just caused severe exhaustion.  Maybe this will be reassuring to any of you who are in the middle of the younger years?  They really do test your limits, while the teen challenges are also tough you can at least face them on a full night of sleep!

Speaking of challenges, I’m currently preparing for a project that I really have to pull out all the stops for.  I’m gathering new sets of skills and pushing myself to try and create some new ideas.  I feel a little like Thomas the Tank Engine (for anyone with little boys)….. “I think I can, I think I can….”

While I’m busy brainstorming for that project I’ve got this little pile of delicious  yarn sitting on my desk, this is my prize for finishing the other work.  This yarn is for a few different projects I’ll be working on over the next few months, I’m looking forward to swatching….

I put this photo up on twitter last week and a few different people were gussing at the yarns… and ideas?  (Hint 2 of them are handspun!).

5 thoughts on “Challanges & treats

  1. Wow! 18 months without proper sleep!! You are really a survivor, and you make me feel extremely lucky! My Sarah is 4 months old, and 9 days out of 10 she will stretch 6 to 7 hours during the night. She has been doing so for several weeks already. What a lucky mother I am!
    Good luck with your projects. I am sure they will turn out fantastic, as always!

  2. He had many, many ear problems. One or both his ear drums burst on a very regular basis. They waited until 18 months to operate as they wanted to see if it’d correct itself! (Plus some pneumonia…)

  3. I’m sooooo glad to hear you say that it get’s a bit easier even if it gets a bit busier! I have a 3.5 year old boy and am 3 months pregnant with our second and I’m exhausted! =) Love your yarn selection – ah, how pretty.

  4. Good post, keep up the good work… carol, What motivated you to call this blog “Challanges & treats”, not that the title does not go with the content, I am just wondering. Thank you for the info carol.

  5. Post was about things that I find difficult to do (challanges) and stuff I was looking forward to (treats!).

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