Craftsy pinning on Pinterest

Do anyone of you out there use Pinterest?  …. otherwise know as the rabbit hole?

I started my account there last year and am trying to figure out the best way to navigate and make use of it.  There are so many layers of use, ranging from ‘oh, that pretty’ through to ‘want to remember that color combination’.  I oscillate in how I use it, sometimes it is business letting people know I’ve got a new pattern but I think the best use for me is for gathering ideas.  You can set up different boards so that you can ‘pin’ in a variety of different ways.

This week I’m one of Craftsy’s Guest Pinners. This means that Craftsy has set up a board just for me where I can share anything I want.  I’m going to be there all week so if you want to follow the eclectic mix of pins I’m sticking up come check it out.

To celebrate this fun week of pinning for me I’m putting a special offer up for my followers. Come buy any of my self-published patterns all week, ‘Add to cart’ (don’t use ‘buy now’) and in the shopping cart click ‘use a coupon code’, add code ‘CRAFTSYPIN’ for a 15% discount until the end of Sunday.

To get a flavour of my Craftsy pinning here are a few –

Clothes mod ideas:

Color combination ideas:

5 thoughts on “Craftsy pinning on Pinterest

  1. Personally I use it for just things I like as you say ideas, colour combinations and make a board for a subject area such as crochet, colour combinations etc etc It is a bit strange to navigate though!

  2. Eep! Your coupon code doesn’t appear to be working.

    I do love Pinterest. My sister recently used my pin-boards to generate a wardrobe colour palette for me — I had no idea that I was that consistent with what I pinned, but the palette is spot-on! It’s handy, too, as a guide to use when I’m ogling pretty yarns and fabrics, or when I’m clothes shopping. If it matches the palette, it’ll be easy to incorporate into my wardrobe; if it doesn’t, it is liable to sit neglected in the back of a closet, no matter how great it looks.

  3. Hello Carol

    I am trying to find where to find the 100% silk that was used for the Aruba Bandana,? I have ordered your spring collection and love the color, just need to find were to buy it.

    Thanks TerryLee

  4. Thank you for the discount code. Apparently it doesn’t work for Trousseau because you have to purchase it from a different site.

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