I need your help!

Hi Everyone out there, this post is more relevant to non-euro countries but I need some help. Up to this point I’ve priced my patterns in dollars. A large bulk of my customers are in the US or Canada so it made sense to me to do it that way. However as accounting and finances are become more complex it would simplify my life greatly to price my patterns in euro.

Can you honestly tell me, would this stop you buying? Or maybe even make you hesitate? You can still purchase in exactly the same way and paypal would still charge you in your own currency.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’ll even throw in a $12 gift voucher for my patterns for one lucky commenter :-)

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you so much everyone, your support and encouragement means so much and makes all of these growing pains feel worth while :-)

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  1. I am in the US, and pricing in other currencies doesn’t stop me as PayPal does the conversion. This is nice as I can tell how much things cost before buying. That being said, if PayPal is not an option – then I would hesitate. It’s always simpler for each buyer to purchase in their own currency.

  2. This would not be detrimental at all. Ravelry always has a currency converter on the page, so I would know exactly what the pattern would cost in the currency of my country, without the need to check the conversion elsewhere.

  3. I don’t really purchase or not purchase based on the currency. I use PayPal and it converts for me, Ravelry lets me know the conversion before I purchase (which is great as I know what ballpark I am in) and so it doesn’t make a difference. I purchase based on whether or not I want to make the object that the pattern is for or whether I like the looks for a future possible object. whiteoak on Ravelry

  4. The currency doesn’t matter to me. I’m knitting Ravi right now, and it’s worth its weight in dollars, euros, or yens. Thanks for your great designs!

  5. I wouldn’t care what the base currency is of an item I order online, but I do prefer to be able to quickly see what the item costs in my currency rather than having to go elsewhere to convert.

  6. I agree with Linda. As long as Ravelry and PayPal function as they do, I don’t care what currency is used by the designer. More important are additional fees or taxes that raise the final price of the pattern.

  7. As long as I can use PayPal and have them do the conversion I’m fine with other denominations. And, as others have mentioned Ravelry shows a conversion, too. It’s all good!

  8. Fortunately, ravelry makes it quite easy to purchase, no matter what currency the pattern is listed for sale in. Mostly i just want to buy the pattern and get to knitting. So as long as i have a general idea what it’s going to cost, I’m happy.

  9. no, it would not stop me buying…..PayPal converts…once I like and decide to buy, currency is irrelevant.

  10. Chiming in to agree with everyone else — the only thing that would give me pause is confusion about the conversion, so since that’s very clear in PayPal and Ravelry, it’s not an issue for me.

  11. Currency is irrelevant. Ditto all the PayPal/Ravelry comments. I buy patterns that I like and let them convert for me.

  12. I agree with other comments. I purchase many patterns priced in euros or GBP and as long as I do it within Ravelry it is not a problem as I see the converted price up front. I also purchase stamps from an Irish Artist, Claire Brennan at http://www.waltzingmousestamps.com and her website makes it pretty easy to know how much I’m spending up front.

  13. Wouldn’t change anything I’d still buy. I’ve bought in euro before so you doing it doesn’t bother me :)

  14. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy your patterns at all! You’re an amazing designer and it really doesn’t matter at all which currency they’re listed in. Ravelry and PayPal make things so convenient and when that’s not possible my bank does the converting. :-)

  15. I am in the US. It doesn’t make a difference what currency is listed on the download link. Ravelry makes the conversion for me. Otherwise I would just check a currency conversion app if I had a question, takes 16 seconds longer. I will buy your patterns in any currency format. They are all beautiful.

  16. I do like to see the price in my home currency. But, if it is in the pattern description, or somewhere in Ravelry, I don’t care if at checkout it is in euros. Maybe Ravelery can create a price field that shows price in the users home currency?

  17. I’m in Canada, so it really makes no difference to me, I’d buy them in Euro or USD. I almost always have a currency conversion whenever I buy online. PayPal makes it quite simple. I don’t know how I would feel if I was used to only paying for things in my currency, or if I wasn’t using tools like PayPal. Ravelry helps make to simplying the buying process too.

  18. They actually already do that, although it is of course an estimated conversion not the exact one. However that doesn’t translate over to my website (although within the shopping cart I think it probably gives you an estimate in your own currency).

  19. I choose a pattern I love, and PayPal does the conversion for me, so it really doesn’t matter to me. Do whatever you need to do; I’ll still buy your patterns because they are lovely! :-)

  20. The currency that a pattern is in doesn’t make a big difference to me. Being in Australia I always have to do a conversion anyway. I would still buy your patterns because make pattern selection based on the pattern itself not the currency.

  21. I don’t care about the currency so long as Paypal wouldn’t charge extra for the conversion. Love your patterns!

  22. I would continue to buy your beautiful patterns if the price was listed in euros. I have some concerns about VAT but haven’t noticed issues with buying patterns/yarns from EU designers.

  23. I’m in the UK so dollars or Euros makes no difference. I don’t particularly think sterling would matter, either, as the conversion is done for me.

  24. It would not stop me from buying. Ravelry tells you the conversion on the side of the page, so I still know how much I am paying in dollars.

  25. It doesn’t make any difference to me. If I want the pattern, I’ll buy it no matter what the currency – it always gets converted anyway.

  26. I buy patterns in Euros all the time, with Paypal I have no difficulty. I just buy what I want to knit. =)

  27. To reinforce many of the comments, buying patterns via Ravelry and PayPal makes currency conversion easy. I have purchased patterns from Ravelry that are Euro, GBP a and US. I live in the US and all work transactions are transparent and simple. No problems! Thanks for asking.

  28. Like others, the currency in which a pattern is sold makes no difference to me. I suppose it means that currency fluctuations between the EUR and USD will make the pattern prices a little more volatile for us, the purchasers, but for you the seller, makes it easier to deal with and prices more stable in your currency – and you are the one stuck with all the accounting headache, so it makes sense.

  29. I live in Canada and a lot of the patterns I buy are either in US dollars or Euros. I buy a pattern because I like it. Currency doesn’t really matter.

  30. As long as there’s a way for me to pay with USD, I think you should do what is best for you and your business.

  31. I am in the UK and purchase patterns regardless they are in dollar, euro, yen or pounds. Have done all. As long as the actual cost of the pattern fit in the average range for the particular type of garment and design, the currency doesn’t matter.
    Love your designs. Thank you.

  32. It would not change anything for me, I would continue to purchase your wonderful patterns :)
    (I don’t know the formula to convert it for my Canadian dollars but that is okay because I like being blissfully unaware, ha ha!)

  33. Not a problem. In Ravelry they always give an estimated conversion from euros to dollars, on the pattern page.

  34. As I live in Australia, every pattern I buy is in a different currency to my own, so changing to Euro would make no difference to me. Paypal makes all transactions simple.

  35. The currency used by a designer does not influence which patterns I purchase. If I like the pattern, I will buy it. Ravelry identifies the base currency and converts it to an approximate US dollar cost before I make the purchase. Both PayPal and an outright credit card purchase convert foreign currency to US dollars easily.

  36. Go for simplicity! Euro would make no difference to me because my credit card company will convert it either way. All good as far as I’m concerned. :)

  37. Hi Carol, your patterns are beautiful, we’ll use a currency changer, no biggie. It couldn’t be easier, no worries.thanks for caring though, very thoughtful !

  38. I don’t mind at all what currency the pattern is in, if it’s on ravelry. Please do whatever is easiest for you – we will buy your patterns because they’re beautiful!

  39. It seems this would simplify things for and still make it as easy for us to continue purchasing your wonderful patterns the way we do already.

  40. I’m in the US and It would not make a difference to me if you listed the prices in Euros. I have no issue with doing a quick mental conversion of Euro/dollar. But the overall price of a pattern will sometimes make me hesitate ($5 vs $7 or $9). So if the conversion rate is bad on the day I am looking at a pattern and kicking the price up quite a bit then I might hesitate. Especially if it is a pattern I won’t be getting on the needles asap. Hope that helps. And thanks for asking!

  41. I live in the U.S. and it would not make me hesitate at if your patterns were priced in euros. I will continue to purchase your patterns in whatever currency is most convenient for you.

  42. I’d buy your patterns in any currency you wish. I love your work, so it would make no difference to me. Even if Paypal and Ravelry didn’t make it totally convenient; I could easily convert any currency for myself by looking it up on the internet.

  43. Hi, I agree with many other comments, it would not bother me at all and definitely would not stop me from buying your beautiful patterns! I’m in Australia and have no trouble converting if the amount is in euros.

  44. hello ,
    as an european knitter (living in a “euro” country) I prefer buying patterns in euro, so no conversion to do.

  45. It doesn’t matter to me. I live in Switzerland now and buy your patterns with my US credit card and I do it because I love your patterns, and it doesn’t matter which currency it is listed to me.

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