Russler & Normal Life Again

Life is very slowly starting to return to normal here in Cork. We were very fortunate as we didn’t lose electricity or water which meant that we got a 4 day cosy family holiday. This included lots of eating, sleeping and game playing. It was like we got to do Christmas again! It was very much appreciated as we have all been sick over the last several weeks and a few days of rest really recharged everyones batteries.
As the snow began to melt (although it’s not entirely gone yet!) my final preparations for Edinburgh Yarn Festival began in earnest. I thought all you readers would like to know about a couple of other new products I’ll have with me?

First up is a collaboration I’ve been working on with Badly Made Books, a knitting notebook! It’s both beautiful on the outside and very functional on the inside. The covers come in 3 different paper colours with 3 different cable patterns. Cable charts are by themselves so decorative that I think they make a great notebook cover!

Inside there are 3 page types; blank, lined and knitting graph paper. This paper is really useful, it’s got the same proportions as a knit stitch (wider than it is tall) which means that you can sketch up colourwork charts and other patterns and get a much more accurate idea of what it will look like in your knitting. They are made with 130gsm recycling cartridge paper, bound with recycled paper tape. Because of how they are constructed every page opens fully and stays open. This is really useful if you are trying to knit at the same time.

These notebooks will be launched at Edinburgh but I’ve got lot more ready to go up on my online shop as soon as I return.

You got a little look at this Nua version of the Russler shawl last week that we took photos of in the snow. It’s now ready to download! When you purchase you will get 2 versions of the pdf; the original Bloomsbury DK version and this new version in Nua. The colours of Nua used are August Storms, Hatter’s Teal Party and Frog on The Wall. I just adore how nicely the three colours work together, they really make the shawl pop.

I will be travelling next week to Edinburgh and won’t return until Sunday. All physical orders placed next week will ship on the 19th of March. If you need to order I’d suggest getting your order in this week so that it ships before I travel.
If you’re travelling to Edinburgh Yarn Festival I’m sure you’re as excited as I am!

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