Rusty Lines Variations

While the construction of this sweater isn’t difficult it definitely a bit different! The photo above shows the start of the sweater where the back has been started and the front of the neck has just been cast-on. As you can see it looks a bit more like the start of a shawl than a sweater. Due to the biased construction you’re knitting everything at an angle. You start with a triangular construction for the back of the neck and then when it’s wide enough you cast on the front of the neck.
In the Harvest Moon version of Rusty Lines there is no neck finishing, the cast-on is how it is finished. There are many possible variations though! If you pick up stitches, knit a few rounds and then bind off you will tight the neck up a bit. Alternatively you can take this even a little bit further and knit a cowl which is what I did in this version:

yoth cowl sweater
This version of the sweater was the first one I did. It is knit using Yoth Daughter yarn which is a super woolly rustic yarn. The cowl is worked for 5″ and it used around 60 metres of yarn.

In this image you can see what it looks like without the cowl. This sweater is around 2″ longer than the Nua worsted version. I’ve given yardage amounts in the pattern for every extra inch you want to add to your sweater. This is a heavier yarn so even though I knit the second size (as written in the pattern) it’s around 3″ bigger in diameter. I like the extra positive ease and the only place it caused an issue was the wide neck that didn’t stay on my shoulder! This is why I opted for the cowl neck addition.

If you want to modify the neck I’ll give some different ideas on doing it in the KAL tips. It’s easy to do and the main difference is that you’ll need more yarn!

rusty lines sweater

Earlier today I chatted a little on instagram live about the sweater:

You can find the pattern on my website here, on Ravelry here and Nua Worsted yarn kits are available here.

So what mods do you think you’ll make?

4 thoughts on “Rusty Lines Variations

  1. Hi Carol,

    I ordered the pattern and kit for rusty lines Saturday. After seeing your video on Instagram I would really like to knit it with the cowl and extra length. I will need 2 extra skeins of chalk plum. Could you let me know if this can happen.

    Thank you,
    Lou Ann

  2. Hi Carol

    I like the cowl too. I ordered 12 skeins for a longer length of 2”. Will I have enough? Thinking of the 48” finished size.


  3. I don’t think you’ll have enough for that size with the additions. If you are doing the fifth size (finished size of 48.25″) that takes 1198 yards. Each extra inch of length use 45 yards (so 90 yards for 2″) then the cowl uses 65 yards.
    So total yardage would be: 1198+90+65=1353 yards. Each skein has 109 yards so you would need 12.4 skeins for those additions.

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