Thea Colman x Carol Feller – 2024 Blanket Club

Have you ever wondered what would happen if I knit another designer’s cabled patterns?

You did, didn’t you!

Then look no further than our 2024 Blanket Club!

This year we will be joined by Thea Colman, a designer I’ve got huge admiration for. Her wearable designs and mastery of cables are out of this world and I can’t wait to share the textured cabled aesthetic she has brought to our Blanket Club.

It’s so much fun to collaborate with other designers. We all think, design, and knit slightly differently, so it’s a big opportunity to learn for all of us!

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2024 Blanket Club – Cables in Translation.

Working through this project with Thea was like having a little window into how she thinks. I feel like I’m working along with her every step of the way as I knit through each of the blanket squares in our companion videos. Where I thought we would overlap, we think differently, and it’s been a joy to explore and share that with all of you!

Here’s a peek into Thea’s thoughts:

You will see that I do tend to play with elements to match gauge and needle size differently for different squares, depending on what my priority was for that square – be it exact row gauge or the pattern itself.

 I hadn’t really known what my brain would want for squares until I was in these, and it seems that I have definite ideas about how the pattern lays in each.

Thea Colman

About Thea Colman

Working with Thea on this club has been a joy and when I think of Thea, I think of gorgeous cable designs with deep textural elements. For those of you who may not have come across her beautiful designs before, let me introduce you to her:

Thea Colman combined her hobbies and created a career that justifies all her favorite purchases; yarn, drinks, and vintage glassware. Her knitwear designs often feature cables, lace, and motifs that look harder than they are, and each one is named after a cocktail. Both the knits and the drinks are usually on her Instagram feed, under @theacolman. She can be found on Ravelry as BabyCocktails and her website is

2024 Blanket Club Overview

If you’d like to make a cuppa and join me for a club overview, just press play here:

Our Blanket Club will have two sizing options; either the Lap size or the Throw.

There will be two yarn type options:

Choose from the patchwork feel of Blasta in a mix of 4 shades (with four colour options) or a classic single colour of our Galway wool-Gaillimh.

The club sign-ups will be open for only two weeks from mid-February and the yarn will ship in early May.

The blanket will be a series of 12 different squares, 10×10″ (25.5×25.5cm) in a mix of cables and textured stitches. Thea has suggestions for colour options for different stitch patterns, but you can play around with them as you desire.

There will be a mix of skill levels in the project, ranging from advanced beginner for the texture squares up to more intricate cables that appear in a few squares. You can mix and match squares as you like to suit your skill level. As always, we will have a full companion video workshop series to help you every step of the way. This is the perfect project to develop your cable skills and explore the textured design approach of Thea Colman.

The Lap size will have 12 squares, but there will be 8 skeins in the delivery to allow for 3 squares per colour. This will mean you have a half a skein of left of each colour, allowing you to extend the blanket if you wish or even to add an edging!

The Throw size will have 20 squares and there will be 11 skeins included. You will have 12 different square patterns, so for the final 8 squares you can pick your favourites to repeat to complete the larger blanket. This gives you extra yarn to add any edging you wish.

And if you’re wondering what some of our knitters had to say about last year’s blanket club, Dana left this thoughtful message:

I love the patterns and the yarn. It’s such an easy project to take on the go since I’m working one square at a time. The pattern is very easy to understand. And the blanket will be gorgeous and comfy to use.

Dana Ellis

Blanket Club 2023 REVIEW on Shopify

2024 Blanket Club Timing

Club Opening: 15th February, 2024.

Club Closing: 29th February, 2024 (or while stocks last).

Shipping: Early May, 2024

Club Releases:

  • First Release: 21st May, 2024.
  • Second Release: 4th June, 2024.
  • Third Release: 18th June, 2024.
  • Fourth Release: 2nd July, 2024.

For this year’s blanket club, there will be 3 blanket squares launched every 2 weeks for 4 weeks, giving you 12 different square designs. With each release, you’ll watch as your blanket evolves with the creative addition of each new design with careful attention to creating a balanced symmetry between the squares. We will share Thea’s design development and thoughts with each release too, so you can see how this all came together behind the scenes!

2024 Club Yarns

There are 2 yarn options; Blasta or Gaillimh.

Blasta is our 60% Fine Irish Fleece and 40% New Zealand Lambswool with 232 yards (212 meters) per 100 grams (3.53 ounces). This woollen spun yarn blooms wonderfully with cables with a rustic but soft feel to your finished projects.

For this club, we have 5 different colour options in Blasta, and I go through them all over on our YouTube channel right here.

Gaillimh is created entirely from our native Galway wool. It’s a DK weight and there are 190m / 208 yards for every 100g. This yarn is rustic and strong, with a stitch definition that just jumps out at you! Amazing for warmth and visually stunning, we think this wool is perfect for home wares, including, of course, blankets. If you’d like to find out more about this yarn and the sheep it comes from, just pop over to this post.

Please note-this is a yarn that is produced in limited quantities and so we have a limited number of Gaillimh kits available for purchase.

Supporting Focus Ireland

Focus Ireland believes that everyone has a right to a place they can call home.

Last year, the data from our Department of Housing, show the number of people experiencing homelessness, stood at 11,754, including 3,431 children–the highest number since current records began in 2014. The latest figures show that of December 2023 that figure is 13,318.

This year, through our Blanket club, we are supporting Focus Ireland by donating 5 euro from every full club or digital club sold. These donations have a real and lasting impact, for example:

  • €36 could provide a customer with a month of hot meals in our Focus Ireland Coffee Shop in central Dublin.
  • €55 could provide 10 children experiencing homelessness with an hour of support from a specially trained Child Support worker.
  • €150 could provide accommodation for 3 Focus Ireland customers in one of our Long-Term Accommodation centers in Cork.
  • €170 could allow 10 families to spend an hour with a specially trained Family Mediation expert from TUSLA.

If you would like to donate to Focus Ireland outside of this club, you can do so here.

How to Join Our 2024 Blanket Club

Full Club

You can purchase our full club right here from the 15th and close on the 29th of February 2024. This link will go live at 8pm on Thursday, February 15th.

JOIN THE CLUB (8pm February 15th)

Digital Club

Our digital club will stay open throughout the year and gives you access to all of our live zooms, pattern releases and step-by-step workshops for the club. It’s the perfect option if you’d like to stash dive or you find us after the full club closes.


We’re so excited about this year’s club and we hope you can join Thea and myself as we explore knitted cables. Drop a comment below and let us know if you’re joining us and what you’re most excited about.

12 thoughts on “Thea Colman x Carol Feller – 2024 Blanket Club

  1. Is the club available for purchase starting February 15 or 16? Both dates are mentioned in this post as the starting date.

  2. Hello! I have 3.3 skeins of Blasta Nadur batch L427 left over from another project. I’d love to do a single color version of the lap size blanket using the yarn I have plus an additional purchase. Of course, I realize there may be a color variation between the yarn I have and new yarn from a different batch.
    My question is twofold: is the likely color variation a problem in your opinion , and would 4 new skeins in addition the 3.3 I have be enough or would you recommend I purchase 5 skeins?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  3. Hi Nadia, ignore my question. I see where it’ll be 3pm EST. I’ll be signing up for the Digital option. Unfortunately, i haven’t had the time to start the Galway project, so will use the yarn for this. Might even mix n’ match with Blasta stash. Really looking forward to working with the cabled patterns. Love Thea’s cable designs too. Exciting project to look forward to!

  4. I think the colour variation should be fine. An extra 4 should be enough for the Lap size I think in addition to what you’ve got.

  5. Oh I’m so glad you’re excited Melvia and no worries at all, yes it’s 3pm EST. Thea has been so much fun to work with and Carol has been so excited to share this with everyone.

  6. Hi Carol,

    I missed the boat on the full club. If I go the digital route now, is it the same as the full club but I just get my own wool and buy the digital option. So I can knit along with everyone else and get all the pattern releases etc at the same time as the full club members?


  7. Hi Benvon, yes indeed the digital version will give you everything except the yarn delivery so you can jump in!

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